AT&T Switches Customers to More Expensive Plans Without Permission

AT&T has a gift for wireless subscribers on many of its old Mobile Share Value data plans: it’s giving them an extra 15GB of “bonus” data — and it’s making them pay an extra $10 a month for that “bonus.” It’s almost like the company is forcing people to move to a more expensive plan, only AT&T figured out a way to make that not technically true. Instead, it’s worded in a way that suggests the company is providing you with a SURPRISE BENEFIT that costs you money! It is quite literally an offer you can’t refuse. One email subject line provided to The Verge by a tipster: “We’ve added 15GB of data to your plan and increased your monthly rate by $10.” “Feels like a complete cash grab,” writes our tipster, who claims he... Continue reading…

AT&T Switches Customers to More Expensive Plans Without Permission

AT&T has raised prices on its customers without warning, doesn't give them an alternative, and has declared that because it's giving everyone 15GB of ...

Fri 8 Nov 19 from Extremetech

AT&T automatically gives customers a 'bonus' 15GB of data, along with a $10 price increase

Everybody likes "bonuses," right? Well, not necessarily -- at least, not when those bonuses come from a major phone company like AT&T. In that scenario, there's almost always a catch, and ...

Thu 7 Nov 19 from Techspot

AT&T switches customers to more expensive plans without asking them first

AT&T adds 15GB "bonus" to older plans but raises price $10.

Thu 7 Nov 19 from Arstechnica

AT&T gives customers 'bonus' data (and a $10 price hike)

AT&T customers who subscribe to the company's Mobile Share Value offering are reporting that an additional 15GB of mobile data have been added to their plan. According ...

Thu 7 Nov 19 from Engadget

AT&T Traps Mobile Share Value Customers With 15GB 'Bonus' And $10 Rate Hike

The mobile phone industry is right next to the cable industry with seemingly endless schemes to charge customers more money. Common practices across the entire mobile industry include charges ...

Thu 7 Nov 19 from HotHardware

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