Sprint sues AT&T over the company's use of 5G E, claims false advertising (page 2)

Sprint is suing AT&T in federal court over its decision to rebrand some of its 4G LTE networks as “5G E.” The lawsuit, first spotted by Engadget, claims that consumers are likely to confuse AT&T’s so-called “5G Evolution” network with actual 5G, and will incorrectly think that AT&T’s current phones support the new standard. As well as seeking to prevent AT&T from branding anything as 5G E that doesn’t adhere to the agreed 3GPP 5G specification, Sprint is also seeking damages due to the loss of sales it claims it’s suffering as a result of AT&T’s actions. In its legal complaint, Sprint said that it had surveyed customers and had found that 54 percent of them believed that AT&T’s “5G E” (short for “5G Evolution”) is as fast as, or faster... Continue reading…

Sprint sues AT&T over the company's use of 5G E, claims false advertising

AT&T's labeling of its 4G LTE network as "5G E" isn't just drawing the ire of the tech world. Sprint is now suing claiming it is "false advertising."        

Fri 8 Feb 19 from USA today

Sprint is suing AT&T over ‘5G E’ lies

Fri 8 Feb 19 from The Verge

Sprint sues AT&T over its fake 5G branding

After AT&T decided to start rolling out "5G Evolution" branding on phones and networks that use 4G LTE Advanced technology, competitors have had to make decisions ...

Fri 8 Feb 19 from Engadget

AT&T’s fake “5G” service sparks deceptive advertising lawsuit from Sprint

After being called out for offering a fake service, now AT&T will be answering to it in court. Some people have begun noticing “5G E” on their iPhones, leading them to believe ...

Fri 8 Feb 19 from Fastcompany Tech

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