The Long Journey to FEMA's Presidential Alert Test

Move over Twitter, President Trump now has the power to send every phone in the land a simultaneous message — thanks to the new “presidential alert”, tested by FEMA yesterday. What’s it for? The idea is to enable the president of the United States to warn the nation of major threats — such as a natural […]

The Long Journey to FEMA's Presidential Alert Test

First such test since the emergency alert system went live in 2012

Fri 5 Oct 18 from IEEE Spectrum

‘Presidential alert’ test sets phones to buzzing across country

The Federal Emergency Management Agency sent an alert aimed at tens of millions of mobile phones Oct. 3 to test a system that would warn the public in the event of a national emergency.

Wed 3 Oct 18 from The Washington Post

Presidential alert: Why did Trump just text me about a 'test of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System' and how does it work?

'THIS IS A TEST of the National Emergency Alert System,' the long message will begin

Wed 3 Oct 18 from The Independent

Emergency alert test going out to mobile phones nationwide

About 225 million mobile devices across the U.S. will receive a test emergency alert Wednesday.

Tue 2 Oct 18 from

Trump text alerts star in apocalyptic parody trailer - CNET

Jimmy Kimmel unveils the sheer terror of The Textening.

Thu 4 Oct 18 from CNET Cutting Edge

New Yorkers sue Trump and FEMA to stop Presidential Alert - CNET

The three plaintiffs are concerned Trump may broadcast "arbitrary, biased, irrational" messages and there's no way to opt out.

Wed 3 Oct 18 from CNET Cutting Edge

You can't turn off a presidential alert, but you can turn off other emergency notifications

Although presidential alerts are mandatory and cannot be turned off, those looking to disable other alerts can on most Androids and iPhones.        

Wed 3 Oct 18 from USA today

Who dis? Social media pokes fun at first Presidential Alert - CNET

This is a test of the National Wireless Joke and Meme system.

Wed 3 Oct 18 from CNET Cutting Edge


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