T-Mobileís Website Bug Let Hackers Steal Data Using A Phone Number

Whoopsie, it looks like until very recently, T-Mobileís website had a bug that allowed hackers to exploit it, where they were able to gain access to a userís email address, account, and a phoneís IMSI network code, and all they needed was your phone number, which in this day and age isnít really that hard to obtain.This is according to a report from Motherboard in which security research Karan Saini had discovered the flaw. According to Saini, “T-Mobile has 76 million customers, and an attacker could have ran a script to scrape the data (email, name, billing account number, IMSI number, other numbers under the same account which are usually family members) from all 76 million of these customers to create a searchable database with accurate and up-to-date information of all users.ĒThis flaw is said to be similar to what Andrew Auernheimer did several years ago when he performed a similar attack on AT&Tís website to obtain the email addresses of over 100,000 iPad users. It is unclear how many custome

T-Mobile customer data plundered thanks to bad API

T-Mobile missed bug that allowed harvesting of IMSI numbers, security question answers.

Wed 11 Oct 17 from Arstechnica

T-Mobile Website Glitch Allowed Hackers To Access Private Customer Data For Months

Until recently, a bug on a T-Mobile website gave hackers access to personal details relating to wireless subscriber accounts. What's really surprising about this particular attack vector is ...

Wed 11 Oct 17 from HotHardware

T-Mobile website bug let hackers steal data with a phone number

Up until last week, a T-Mobile website had a serious security hole that let hackers access user's email addresses, accounts and a phone's IMSI network code, according to a ...

Wed 11 Oct 17 from Engadget

Bug reportedly exposed T-Mobile customers' personal data - CNET

Website flaw allowed access to a customer's data by guessing their phone number, Motherboard reports.

Tue 10 Oct 17 from CNET

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