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Sling TV adds support for Android TV, new promotion offers Nexus Player half off

Sling TV is expanding its reach today as the service is now available on all devices running Android TV. With the announcement comes a new promotion and another channel added to the company’s ...

Thu 21 May 15 from Techspot

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Emoticons may signal better customer service

Online customer service agents who use emoticons and who are fast typists may have a better chance of putting smiles on their customers' faces during business-related text chats, according to ...

Thu 21 May 15 from

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New technology could fundamentally change future wireless communications

Radio systems, such as mobile phones and wireless internet connections, have become an integral part of modern life. However, today's devices use twice as much of the radio spectrum as is necessary. ...

Tue 19 May 15 from

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Tim Armstrong reinvents a flagging AOL

In 2009, when Tim Armstrong took over as chief executive of AOL Inc., he faced a daunting task: Turn around a company that had gone from an Internet pioneer to near obsolescence in less than ...

Tue 19 May 15 from

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Over-The-Top Streaming Video Services To Surge To 330 Million+ Subscribers By 2019

 Consumer adoption of streaming video services is surging, according to a new report by Juniper Research out this morning, which finds that subscriber numbers for services like Netflix ...

Mon 18 May 15 from TechCrunch

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North Carolina sues FCC for right to block municipal broadband

Residents stuck with slow Internet while state fights on behalf of private ISPs.

Mon 18 May 15 from Arstechnica

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China to spend $182 billion to boost Internet by end of 2017

BEIJING (Reuters) - China will spend more than $182 billion to boost Internet speeds by the end of 2017, a top government body said, as Beijing moves towards a more service-driven economy to ...

Wed 20 May 15 from Reuters Technology

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Verizon's old phone network will stick around for connected devices

It's no secret that Verizon wants to drop its legacy phone service like so much dead weight. But is the underlying CDMA network going to go away, too? Not for a long while, the carrier's Fran ...

Wed 20 May 15 from Engadget

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AT&T will sell Hulu subscriptions, but not to watch on your TV

Hulu's push to put its content in front of cable TV customers has a new partner: AT&T. The streaming service already teamed up with Cablevision, and also announced it's working with several ...

Thu 14 May 15 from Engadget

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BT under pressure to sort out super-slow broadband installations

We all want super-fast internet in our homes, but for many people that's borderline impossible, because there's no fibre optic infrastructure in their area. When they're told that a connection ...

Fri 15 May 15 from Engadget

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