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Ofcom wants your help mapping Britain's mobile networks

Ofcom already has a handy online tool for checking mobile and broadband coverage across the UK, but sometimes the bigger picture can hide the little differences. In addition to the ...

4 minutes ago from Engadget

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Verizon CFO Says Customers Don’t Need Unlimited Data, Data Hogs Ruin Experience For Everyone

Unlimited data plans have seen a slight resurgence among some of America’s wireless companies. AT&T resurrected unlimited data for customers that bundle in its DirecTV TV or U-Verse packages. ...

Thu 22 Sep 16 from HotHardware

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AT&T wants to make every telephone pole an ultra-fast wireless hotspot

The company wants to beam Internet along power lines.

Wed 21 Sep 16 from The Washington Post

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EU unveils new plan to scrap mobile roaming charges

The European Commission has unveiled new plans to end mobile phone roaming charges next year after coming under fire from providers and consumer groups over its previous scheme.

Wed 21 Sep 16 from

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AT&T's standalone DirecTV streaming service to launch before the end of the year

Earlier this year AT&T announced plans to launch a DirecTV-powered streaming video service thet would be accessible on nearly any device. Although details remain scarce, AT&T CEO Randall ...

Wed 21 Sep 16 from Techspot

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Charter fights FCC’s attempt to uncover “hidden” cable modem fees

Charter pricing doesn’t let customers save money by buying different modems.

Thu 22 Sep 16 from Arstechnica

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Comcast will launch a cellphone service next year, execs say

Entering the wireless industry could shake up an already cutthroat business even more.

Tue 20 Sep 16 from The Washington Post

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Despite state barriers, cities push to expand high-speed internet

Websites take minutes to load and photos take hours to upload at Ryan Davis' home in the small southern Tennessee city of Dayton. If Davis gets in his car and drives about half an hour south ...

Fri 23 Sep 16 from

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Ericsson’s solution to bridge the digital divide

Ericsson, a global leader in communications technology and solutions, has announced a suite of solutions that would help operators expand mobile broadband coverage more efficiently. The new ...

Tue 20 Sep 16 from The Hindu

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Woman Suffers $9,153 Verizon Bill for No Apparent Reason

Valarie Gerbus switched carriers after she received a bill from Verizon for $9,153.46. While this is certainly an extreme case, there have been a number of FCC complaints against Verizon this ...

Fri 16 Sep 16 from Gizmodo

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