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FCC unanimously rejects NFL's blackout rules

Well, that didn't take long. We reported yesterday that the FCC was taking aim at sports blackout rules this week, and today the Commission voted to nix the "unnecessary and outdated regulations." ...

3 hours ago from Engadget

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Australia's Telstra Fires Up National WiFi Network

Australia’s largest telecommunications company, Telstra, will install two million public hotspots that will be available for free to Telstra subscribers as part of a plan to blanket public ...

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AT&T Doubles Data For Free On Select Mobile Share Plans

For those who just can't seem to get enough data on a monthly basis, AT&T is upping the ante for select customers. For those who are willing to dive into the carrier's Mobile Share Value ...

Mon 29 Sep 14 from HotHardware

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Tech-friendly cities struggle with new biz rules

BOSTON (AP) -- A renowned technology hub that is home to some of the country's top universities, Boston is emerging as an unlikely battleground for web-based businesses like Airbnb and Uber, ...

Sun 28 Sep 14 from AP

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HP Delivers First 64-Bit ARM Servers For The Enterprise

ARM continues to make headway into territories typically occupied by AMD and in particular Intel. Namely, the server market. Giving ARM a boost in the enterprise segment, Hewlett-Packard today ...

Mon 29 Sep 14 from HotHardware

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Five questions, answers on 'net neutrality'

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is considering whether Internet providers should be allowed to cut deals with online services like Netflix, Amazon or YouTube to move their content ...

Mon 29 Sep 14 from

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BT testing 800Mbps broadband over fiber to the curb, copper to the home

Ultra-fast speeds over copper could bring a big upgrade to DSL users.

Fri 26 Sep 14 from Arstechnica

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Wembley Stadium arch to become interactive lighting display

Earlier this year, mobile operator EE announced a partnership with the home of the England national soccer team, Wembley Stadium. The six-year deal includes the installation of "state-of-the-art ...

Wed 24 Sep 14 from Gizmag

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Comcast Defends Time Warner Cable Deal, Accuses Discovery of "Extortionate Demands"

Comcast has accused many of its critics and rivals of “extortion” in regards to its acquisition of Time Warner Cable for $45 billion. The cable company filed a 1,000 page document ...

Wed 24 Sep 14 from HotHardware

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AT&T now bundling basic cable, broadband service, HBO Go and Amazon Prime for $39 per month

AT&T has come up with a unique offering that seems to be designed specifically for cord-cutters. For $40 per month, the company is offering customers its U-verse Internet Max Plus (18Mbps) ...

Tue 23 Sep 14 from Techspot

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