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Netflix CEO: co-workers were affected by Trump travel ban

Netflix employees were personally affected by U.S. President Donald Trump's attempt to ban people entering from seven Muslim countries, its CEO said Tuesday.

Tue 28 Feb 17 from

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Here's how to defend net neutrality

Net neutrality is under threat, but you can do something to defend it.

Wed 22 Feb 17 from

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Ofcom forces BT to cut over two million monthly phone bills by 5

Healthy competition between the UK's quad-play providers may have led to lower prices for all-in-one broadband, phone, TV and mobile packages, but some customers like to pick and ...

Tue 28 Feb 17 from Engadget

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AT&T is cutting the price of its unlimited data plans

AT&T has fired the latest shot in the war over unlimited data.

Mon 27 Feb 17 from The Washington Post

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Asiacell to offer free access to Wikipedia in Iraq

The Wikimedia Foundation, which runs online encyclopaedia Wikipedia, said Tuesday that telecoms operator Asiacell will offer free access to the website to its nearly 12 million mobile phone ...

Tue 28 Feb 17 from

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T-Mobile upgrades its unlimited plan again to one-up AT&T

T-Mobile added HD video streaming and 10GB of LTE hotspot tethering to its unlimited One plan earlier this month, possibly as a response to Verizon's new unlimited data plan. Yes, ...

Mon 27 Feb 17 from Engadget

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Smart data analysis for transport in Stuttgart

The overburdening of city transport systems is becoming an increasing challenge. But before cities can take concrete action, they need to gather precise traffic data. This is often very time ...

Tue 28 Feb 17 from

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Blind matchmaking for more efficient wireless networks

Anonymously pairing network users could expand the capability of the next generation of wireless networks

Mon 27 Feb 17 from

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Bristol and BT collaborate on massive MIMO trials for 5G wireless

The quest for highly efficient 5G wireless connectivity has been given a boost thanks to a collaboration between a team of 5G engineers from the Universities of Bristol and Lund, National Instruments ...

Fri 24 Feb 17 from

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Kenya's been schooling the world on mobile money for 10 years - CNET

The country's successful mobile banking and payments initiative M-Pesa turns 10, while the rest of the world plays catch-up.

Wed 22 Feb 17 from CNET

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