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There are now 3 billion people on the internet and those in Denmark are best at it

Denmark is the most connected place on the internet, as the number of people getting online is quickly increasing, a UN report has said.

23 hours ago from The Independent

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EE confirms it's also talking to BT about a possible sale

BT surprised many when it confirmed it's currently in talks to buy back mobile operator O2, nearly 10 years after it sold the company to Telefoni?a. However, it isn't the only carrier that the ...

5 hours ago from Engadget

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BT shares jump on 'preliminary talks' with Telefonica over sale of O2

BT has set the City alight as it revealed that it is in talks over a takeover of either mobile rival O2 or EE in a deal worth as much as 10 billion.

Mon 24 Nov 14 from The Independent

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German study supports free "Super WiFi"

The need for the wireless transfer of data will increase significantly in the coming years. Scientists at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) therefore propose to turn some of the TV ...

Mon 24 Nov 14 from

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PEXA picks Verizon smart credential services for e-conveyancing

Written by: Stephen Withers | Published in: Government Tech PolicyThe first online property transfer in Australia occurred this week. The PEXA e-conveyancing platform is secured using technology ...

15 hours ago from iTWire

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End to end 5G for super, superfast mobile

A collaboration between NEC Electronics Samsung and several academic centres in China and Iran, is investigating how software-defined cellular networking might be used to give smart phone users ...

Mon 24 Nov 14 from

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FCC spectrum auction brings in more than $34 billion in bids

Wireless companies such as AT&T and Verizon have collectively bid more than $34 billion in an FCC auction for the rights to use 65 MHz of spectrum. 

Mon 24 Nov 14 from The Christian Science Monitor

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Comcast wants customers to track and rate its technicians

When it comes to offering great customer service, Comcast's reputation on the matter is far from being healthy. Every now and then, the company gets put on the map for making its subscribers ...

19 hours ago from Engadget

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Dish restores Turner channels to lineup

Turner Broadcasting channels such as Cartoon Network and CNN are back on the Dish network after being dropped from the satellite TV provider's lineup during contract talks.

Fri 21 Nov 14 from

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Mobile internet speed boost as Ofcom opens up the digital spectrum

Watching television services over phones and tablets is set to become easier, faster and cheaper after a decision to release more airwaves for mobile broadband services.

Wed 19 Nov 14 from The Independent

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