Google’s Stadia is a video game-streaming platform that is taking aim at consoles

“The future of gaming is not a box,” according to Google. “It’s a place.” Just like how humans have built stadiums for sports over hundreds of years, Google believes it’s building a virtual stadium, aptly dubbed Stadia, for the future of games to be played anywhere. You won’t need an expensive gaming PC or a dedicated game console. Instead, you’ll just need access to Google’s Chrome browser to instantly play games on a phone, tablet, PC, or TV. It’s a bold vision for where gaming is heading, and Google hopes its Stadia cloud streaming service will make it a reality. Google may have just unveiled the future of gaming at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), but it’s a future the company has left us knowing very little about. ... Continue reading…

Google Stadia may drastically change the cloud-gaming landscape - CNET

Google revealed its new gaming platform at GDC 2019, and it should force the current players to rethink their own strategies. Here's where the services stand.

Thu 21 Mar 19 from CNET

The Google Stadia game controller feels surprisingly great

Google today took the wraps off its Stadia cloud gaming platform, showing off a bold but largely untested vision of the future of gaming that involves distributing and playing software ...

Tue 19 Mar 19 from The Verge

Google is launching a game-streaming service, Stadia

Google is getting into game streaming. The company today revealed Stadia, the evolution of its efforts to make digital, on-demand video games reliable and viable. And, of course, it ...

Tue 19 Mar 19 from Engadget

Google jumps into gaming with Google Stadia streaming service

Google CEO: "We're building a game platform for everyone."

Tue 19 Mar 19 from Arstechnica

Google unveils Stadia cloud gaming service

Tue 19 Mar 19 from The Verge

Before Google's big cloud gaming launch, here's the state of streaming game services - CNET

Google is teleporting in at GDC 2019 with Project Stream and Project Yeti news, so let's take stock of what's available now.

Mon 18 Mar 19 from CNET

Steam Link Anywhere beta takes PC game streaming on the road

Valve giving a major expansion to its game streaming service. Just ahead of the 2019 Game Developers Conference, the company announced the release of Steam Link Anywhere, a new feature ...

Thu 14 Mar 19 from Engadget


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