The future of Fortnite may look a lot like Playground mode

Tomorrow, Epic Games plans to retire Fortnite’s Playground mode, a limited time event that was designed to offer a more creative tool for the game’s millions of players. The move will coincide with the much-anticipated launch of the game’s fifth season. Although the free-for-all playlist was only with us for a short time, it had a huge impact. Casual players were able to practice with their friends and better understand the game, while die-hard Fortnite aficionados created meme-worthy posts for Reddit and Twitter fame. The mode, which lets up to four friends jump into an empty map with a 60-minute time limit and a staggering increase in the drop rate of building materials, has already produced plenty of viral clips. There are the... Continue reading…

Fornite’s Playground mode could be a cash cow

The wildly popular title Fortnite introduced its practice Playground mode at the beginning of last week, and despite being a big hit, Epic announced it will be shut down on July 12th. ...

Mon 9 Jul 18 from Engadget

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