Fortnite Battle Royale For iOS Tops Charts In 13 Countries

It seems that Epicís decision to bring Fortnite Battle Royale onto mobile devices was a great one as it seems to be extremely well-received. According to reports, it looks like the game has managed to top the charts in thirteen countries since its launch, and this is not even taking into consideration several factors.One factor is that for now, the game is still invite-only which means that there are probably a ton more gamers out there who are waiting to get in. This is to prevent the servers from overloading which will probably not do anyone any favors. Second factor is the fact that this is iOS-only at the moment, which means that we can probably anticipate the same amount of excitement once the Android version of the game is ready.Plus the fact that Fortnite Battle Royale supports cross-platform play against players on the PC and console (no cross-platform between Xbox One and PS4 unfortunately) means that mobile players will have a ton of opponents to face off against right out the door. So far reviews

Fortnite players warned over hack attacks

Account hijacks have left a lot of players with charges for items they did not buy, suggest reports.

Tue 13 Mar 18 from BBC Technology

Fortnite players find hundreds of dollars have been charged to their accounts

The Fortnite subreddit and Epic Games’ forums have received several complaints about unauthorized charges showing up on players' accounts over the last few weeks.

Mon 12 Mar 18 from Techspot

Fortnite Accounts Hacked, Epic Issuing Refunds, What's Exposed And How To Secure It

Fortnite is an incredibly popular multiplayer sandbox survival game, which also means that it has a big red target painted on its back due to its huge install base. Fortnite's vulnerability ...

Mon 12 Mar 18 from HotHardware

Fortnite Cross-Play Coming To Xbox One, PC And Mac; PS4 Support Needs Buzzkill Sony Approval

Fortnite is bringing its cartoony visuals and battle royale platforms to mobile, and specifically to iOS and Android (in that order). When it arrives on mobile, Fortnite will support cross-platform ...

Mon 12 Mar 18 from HotHardware

Epic Clears Up Confusion Regarding Fortniteís Cross-Platform Play

As you might have heard, Epic recently announced that Fortnite Battle Royale would be launching on mobile devices. They also announced that the game would be getting support for cross-platform ...

Mon 12 Mar 18 from Ubergizmo

Microsoft Hoping For Fortnite Cross-Platform Play Between PS4 & Xbox One

Earlier it was reported that Fortnite Battle Royale would be arriving on mobile devices where it would also allow cross-platform play between mobile gamers, PC gamers, Mac gamers, and PS4 gamers. ...

Sun 11 Mar 18 from Ubergizmo

5 things you need to know about Fortnite on mobile

Fortnite Battle Royale has come to smartphones and these are some key facts you need before you play.

Mon 19 Mar 18 from Techradar

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