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Blink, point, solve an equation: Introducing PhotoMath

"Ma, can I go now? My phone did my homework." PhotoMath, from the software development company MicroBlink, will make the student's phone do math homework. Just point the camera towards the mathematical ...

7 hours ago from

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Nokia no more: Microsoft drops once-ubiquitous mobile name in favour of its Lumia brand

For many of us it's a name synonymous with mobile phones, but Microsoft is now officially axing the Nokia brand in favour of its own Lumia range of Windows smartphones.

12 hours ago from The Independent

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It costs $50 to plug an Xbox One Kinect into your PC

What's stopping you from creating the first killer Kinect 2.0 hack? Well, now that Microsoft's released the do-all sensor's SDK to the public for free you don't have many more excuses. The ...

4 hours ago from Engadget

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How to install Windows 10 Technical Preview as a virtual machine

Microsoft's Windows 10 Technical Preview has been available for a few weeks now, and if you want to get a feel for what's coming but don't have an extra PC to install it on, installing it on ...

13 hours ago from Gizmag

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Peter Capaldi to voice new online Doctor Who game for the BBC

Peter Capaldi is set to voice a new online Doctor Who game for children, the BBC has announced.

Mon 20 Oct 14 from The Independent

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Hands-on with the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Demo

In anticipation of the November launch of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the Nintendo eShop is going to offer up a demo. You’ll be able to grab codes from participating malls, ...

11 hours ago from

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Microsoft attempts to improve Android with new 'Garage' apps

Google might not be interested in building apps for Windows Phone, but Microsoft isn't holding any grudges. Starting today, the software giant is expanding its Garage project to give ...

14 hours ago from The Verge

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Microsoft "loves Linux" as it makes Azure bigger, better

11 million servers, new giant VMs, and more third party app support.

Mon 20 Oct 14 from Arstechnica

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Microsoft CEO launches diversity training effort

(AP)—Microsoft's CEO is continuing to try to repair damage caused by his gaffe last week at a women-in-computing conference. CEO Satya Nadella on Thursday sent a memo to staff saying all employees ...

Fri 17 Oct 14 from

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Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Launch Trailer Released

You would think that since it carries the word “launch trailer” in the title, this video clip will be released when the game is actually launched but clearly Activision is ...

Mon 20 Oct 14 from Ubergizmo

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