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Minecraft: Education Edition coming to iPad in September - CNET

Even more students will be able to explore the blocky video game.

3 hours ago from CNET

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Skype's end-to-end conversation encryption feature is now available to everybody

Skype has found its niche in the business market, but its competitors, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and even Facebook Messenger, have always had the advantage in one key area: communication privacy.

4 hours ago from Techspot

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Women customers are less expensive to acquire and spend more on mobile games compared to men

Think you know what the most desirable mobile gamer looks like? Think again.

3 hours ago from Techspot

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Microsoft's CEO on helping a faded legend find a 'sense of purpose' - CNET

Satya Nadella inherited one of the most successful tech companies in history, except it had lost its shine. He talks about his behind-the-scenes work to make it relevant.

6 hours ago from CNET Cutting Edge

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Skype Testing New Texting Feature For PCs

Since a lot of us work on our computers, having to stop halfway to respond to messages on our phones can be distracting and annoying, which is why many messenger apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook ...

19 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Forza Horizon 2 Will Be Removed From The Xbox Store On September 30th

With the arrival of Forza Horizon 4 just around the corner, Turn 10 and Microsoft have decided to award “end of life” status to the much appreciated Forza Horizon 2. It has been ...

Sun 19 Aug 18 from Ubergizmo

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Windows Phone will continue its slow march to death through 2019 - CNET

The shambling corpse of Windows Phone will keep shambling.

51 minutes ago from CNET

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Hands-on: Diablo 3 goes portable on the Nintendo Switch - CNET

Diablo 3's console ports brought it beyond the PC, but this fall it'll be able to go everywhere, co-op included.

4 hours ago from CNET

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Librarian Embezzles $89,000, Spends It On A Mobile Game

In-game purchase are a popular way for developers and publishers to make money, especially through mechanisms such as loot boxes. However it seems that the lure of in-app purchases are more ...

17 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Adidas is partnering with Twitter to stream high school football games

Twitter and Adidas are partnering to launch a new series called “Friday Night Stripes,” an eight-game series of high school football games that will stream live on the social media ...

Sun 19 Aug 18 from The Verge

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