TSMC Expected to Win Exclusive Orders for Apple’s 2019 A13 SoC

For the past few iPhone and iPad generations, TSMC has been pretty much the exclusive manufacturer of Apple’s A-series chips. Before that TSMC and Samsung shared production orders, and even earlier than that Samsung held the exclusivity, although the lawsuit with Apple and also TSMC’s advancement in the manufacturing process eventually edged them out.Now there have been reports claiming that Samsung is trying to win back orders for 2019’s A13 chipsets, but if a report from DigiTimes is to be believed, that might no longer be happening. According to the report, it appears that TSMC could continue to remain the exclusive manufacturer for the A13 chipset, and that by doing so it could see TSMC secure more than 60% of the pure-play foundry market.At the moment it is unclear as to what we might be able to expect from the A13 chipset. We do expect that it will be manufactured using the 7nm process as with the A12 Bionic, but whether or not we will see Apple bump the number of cores is unclear. Right now the A12 Bi

TSMC Expected to Win Exclusive Orders for Apple’s 2019 A13 SoC

TSMC has reportedly locked down an exclusive for Apple's next A13 on its second-generation 7nm node. The post TSMC Expected to Win Exclusive Orders for Apple’s 2019 A13 SoC appeared first ...

Mon 15 Oct 18 from Extremetech

TSMC Announces First EUV 7nm Risk Production, 5nm Tapeouts in Q2 2019

TSMC has announced that it's taped out its first 7nm EUV design, with 5nm risk production planned for Q2 2019. Previous 7nm chips were and are built using conventional lithography. The post ...

Fri 12 Oct 18 from Extremetech

TSMC is set to be Apple's exclusive supplier for A13 chip

Continuing its dominance in pioneering 7nm process technologies, TSMC is set to continue working with Apple throughout 2019. Next year's iPhones will presumably include the A13 processor that ...

Fri 12 Oct 18 from Techspot

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