Riot Games told to hand over gender pay data

The developer of the popular League of Legends game has been facing down allegations and lawsuits over whatís reportedly a toxic workplace culture, culminating in a mass walkout when the company tried to force two women into arbitration instead of having their day in court. But it now appears that the State of California has been quietly investigating the game developer as well ó and that Riot hasnít been playing ball. The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing just announced (via Kotaku) that itís attempting to legally force Riot to cough up employee pay data so it can see whether Riot is paying women less than men, because Riot has refused to provide that data voluntarily. The surprising part, of course, is that we had no... Continue reading…

Riot Games told to hand over gender pay data

Californian regulators want more detail about how much men and women are paid at the games studio.

Thu 13 Jun 19 from BBC Technology

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