A statistical study of the hot streak

This week HQ Trivia rolled out a new feature that rewards players for playing multiple games in a row. It’s called “Streaks,” and it’ll be pretty familiar to anyone who has played a mobile game in recent years. Streaks is pretty simple. You play multiple games in a row, you get extra lives. Similar to opening up Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and getting a few bells or furniture items just for continuing to play the game. It’s a clear strategy for player retention as it incentivizes players to open up the app and partake at least once a day. To see if the update’s rolled out to your device, click on the “Get More” button in the app. If you’re eligible for a free life streak, you’ll see how many days in a row you need to... Continue reading…

A statistical study of the hot streak

An international team of researchers has conducted a statistical analysis of hot streaks to learn more about this mysterious facet of human nature. In their paper published in the journal Nature, ...

Thu 12 Jul 18 from Phys.org

What Sparks Hot Streaks For Artists And Athletes?

Wed 11 Jul 18 from Discover Magazine

Scientists discover we really do have periods of repeated success throughout our lives random

Periods of increased success at work can come out of the blue, and you may only ever get one in your life, claim researchers from Northwestern University in Illinois, US.

Wed 11 Jul 18 from Daily Mail

Creative types all go through hot streaks of superior production

The bad news: Once you've had one, you're probably not going to have another.

Wed 11 Jul 18 from Ars Technica

HQ Trivia is rewarding regular players with extra lives

Anyone who's played the frustratingly-addictive HQ Trivia is familiar with the crushing disappointment that follows a wrong answer, especially when you were only a question or ...

Thu 5 Jul 18 from Engadget

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