For Apple, this year’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day is all about education

Earlier this March when Apple announced a new, cheaper 9.7-inch iPad, there were a couple of new accessories that were announced alongside it as well. This included Logitech’s Crayon stylus which is a stylus designed for use with the iPad with its selling point being that it’s cheaper than the Apple Pencil.For those who are interested in it, it seems that the stylus is now available for purchase. However there is a catch and it seems that this stylus is aimed more at students and those in the education industry because it is only available via Apple’s Education channel. It is possible that its affordability is being marketed towards students and schools who want access to these kinds of accessories but don’t want to pay too much for it.However if you are eligible to purchase it, it is priced at $49 which is a whole sight cheaper than the Apple Pencil which even through Apple’s Education channels, is priced at $89. Of course there will be some trade-offs, namely that it won’t have all the features of the Appl

Apple pushes to teach coding to students who are deaf and blind

Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company's `Everyone Can Code' educational initiative means `everyone,' including students who are blind and deaf.        

Thu 17 May 18 from USA today

Apple expands 'Everyone Can Code' program to cover deaf and blind schools

Apple has a history of developing devices and programs geared towards those with disabilities.

Thu 17 May 18 from Techspot

Apple brings its coding lessons to schools for students who are blind and deaf

Apple this morning announced another expansion of Everyone Can Code, bringing its Swift coding curricula to a number of US schools focused on students who are blind and deaf. The current list ...

Thu 17 May 18 from TechCrunch

Apple makes coding curriculum accessible for deaf and blind students

Today, Apple announced that it is teaming up with educators to bring Everyone Can Code to schools for people who are deaf, blind and have other assistive needs. This fall, teachers ...

Thu 17 May 18 from Engadget

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