Report examines automation waves that threaten upward mobility

Most economist agree that advances in robotics and AI over the next few decades are likely to lead to significant job losses. But what’s less often considered is how these changes could also affect impact social mobility. A new report from UK charity Sutton Trust explains the danger, noting that unless governments take action, the next wave of automation will dramatically increase inequality within societies, further entrenching the divide between rich and poor. The are a number of reasons for this, say the report’s authors, including the ability of richer individuals to re-train for new jobs; the rising importance of “soft skills” like communication and confidence; and the reduction in the number of jobs used as “stepping stones” into... Continue reading…

Robots could take up to 15 million UK jobs

Wed 12 Jul 17 from Daily Mail

Future robots may help the rich get richer while the poor struggle, claims study

A paper has been published claiming that automation taking jobs will have a damaging affect on social mobility.

Thu 13 Jul 17 from Techradar

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