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China's 'men only' job culture slammed in new report

Leading Chinese firms including e-commerce giant Alibaba were heavily criticised Monday for gender discrimination in job adverts in a new report which said the landscape for the female workforce ...

Mon 23 Apr 18 from

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Where you live is more influential than where you worship in shaping racial attitudes

Whites in multiracial congregations have more diverse friendship networks and are more comfortable with minorities—but that is more because of the impact of neighbors and friends of other races ...

22 hours ago from

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The 20-year-old entrepreneur is a myth, according to study

Forget what you've heard about 22-year-old wunderkinds, sitting in the corner offices of their wildly popular Silicon Valley startups—if you want to find the most successful entrepreneurs, you ...

Mon 23 Apr 18 from

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Shanghai gets automated bank with VR, robots, face scanning

Missed paying dues on your Communist Party membership? There's a bank for that - and it's fully automated.

Mon 23 Apr 18 from

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Guns used in cross-border crimes originate from states with more lax laws

Opponents of gun control have frequently pointed to high rates of gun violence in cities such as Chicago to argue that strong state gun control laws are not effective.

Mon 23 Apr 18 from Medical Xpress

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Telling job seekers how many other people have applied increases applications, could boost diversity

Telling job applicants how many people applied for a job on LinkedIn - regardless of whether the number of applicants was high or low - increased the number of applications, a finding that could ...

Mon 23 Apr 18 from

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Special Eurobarometer: How fair do Europeans think life in the EU is?

New poll shows most Europeans think life is generally fair, but have concerns over justice, political decisions and income inequality.

Mon 23 Apr 18 from

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Iran bans banks from trading cryptocurrencies

Iran is borrowing a page from China when it comes to regulating money: if your real-world currency is in trouble, crack down on the virtual kind. The country's central bank has ...

Mon 23 Apr 18 from Engadget

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SLU students learn Italian playing Assassin's Creed

In a paper published in Profession, the Modern Language Association's journal about modern languages and literatures, a Saint Louis University professor discusses how he uses video games to ...

Fri 20 Apr 18 from

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Finland will not expand its groundbreaking basic income trial

Finland’s government has rejected calls for the expansion of its universal basic income trial, reports the BBC. Finland initiated the trial in 2017, which saw 2,000 unemployed Finns receiving ...

Tue 24 Apr 18 from Fastcompany Tech

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