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Political party affiliation and education levels directly correlate to perception of fake news

According to a recent Gallup / Knight Foundation survey of 1,440 Gallup Panel members, Americans believe that 39 percent of the news they read in newspapers, see on television and hear on the ...

20 minutes ago from Techspot

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Double jeopardy: The high costs of living in Nairobi's slums

Tenants in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, receive drastically inferior household services and pay more rent compared to those in its formal settlements, according to new research from the University ...

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Multiracial congregations have nearly doubled in the United States

The percentage of multiracial congregations in the United States has nearly doubled, with about one in five American congregants attending a place of worship that is racially mixed, according ...

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Flexible content delivery, student-faculty interaction frees time without hurting grades

Medical students face an intense schedule and workload and often struggle to juggle their priorities. Similarly, medical school faculty must find time in their busy schedules to prepare lectures ...

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Does good attendance equal good grades?

Studies of classroom attendance patterns in undergraduate students have shown that attendance and performance go hand in hand—attending class is the key to reaping the rewards of academic achievement. ...

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GitHub Education is a free software development package for schools

GitHub, the online, open-source code repository recently acquired by Microsoft, has already made big moves to support future software developers. In 2012 it launched the Student Developer ...

Tue 19 Jun 18 from Engadget

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Study shows approach can help English learners improve at math word problems

English learners are the fastest-growing minority in U.S. schools. While they face many of the same challenges as their peers, when it comes to mathematics, they are not only learning to work ...

Tue 19 Jun 18 from

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Sara Hendren Named 2018 Carey Institute Fellow

The Carey Institute for Global Good has named Sara Hendren a Logan Nonfiction Program Fellow. Hendren is a designer and researcher in residence at Olin College and is writing a book about the ...

20 minutes ago from Newswise

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Professor says people are turning to 'socially mediated vigilante justice' to right perceived wrongs

The internet loves creating villains: People get caught on camera or social media behaving badly, the post or video goes viral and anyone with a computer or smartphone piles on and fans the ...

Mon 18 Jun 18 from

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This Week’s Poll: are engineers paid enough?

With the publication this week of The Engineer’s annual salary survey, we’re asking whether engineers are paid enough? Now in its 4th year, the survey – which we’re running ...

Tue 19 Jun 18 from The Engineer

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