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Professors need to be entertaining to prevent students from watching YouTube in class

Students think it is instructors' responsibility to ensure they don't surf the web in class, according to a new study.

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Sustainability-linked loans provide opportunities for chemical firms

Spurred by calculations showing that companies with a lower environmental impact are less of a financial risk, banks are beginning to offer cheaper loans if chemical firms hit agreed-upon levels ...

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Study: Internet perpetuates job market inequality

Recent research finds the internet is giving both employers and job seekers access to more information, but has not made the hiring process more meritocratic. Instead, lower-wage jobs have become ...

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Now Duolingo teaches the world's five most common languages

Duolingo's expanding language repertoire might just help you with a trip to the Middle East. The service now offers a course that teaches Arabic to English speakers -- specifically, ...

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How to help physics teachers who don't know physics

A shortage of high school physics teachers has led to teachers with little-to-no physics training taking over physics classrooms, causing additional stress and job dissatisfaction for those ...

Tue 25 Jun 19 from

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All Walmart pickup locations now accept SNAP for online grocery orders

Walmart is now accepting Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits as a payment method for online grocery shopping at all of its pickup locations, according to TechCrunch. ...

Tue 25 Jun 19 from Engadget

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Students Who Take Music Classes Also Do Better Academically, Study Finds

(Credit: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock) Music is the language of feelings, the food of the soul. But could it also be a grade booster for high school students? Researchers think so ...

Mon 24 Jun 19 from Discover Magazine

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Stony Brook Ecologist Wins Award Heralding the Nation's Most Promising Young Scientists

Heather Lynch, PhD, of Stony Brook University, has been named a winner of the Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists in the category of Life Sciences. The award includes a $250,000 unrestricted ...

6 hours ago from Newswise

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Four approaches to understanding and moving beyond dysfunctional deliberation

It may feel like we have reached an impasse in the debate over divisive issues such as gun violence, climate change and immigration.

Tue 25 Jun 19 from

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Why money cannot 'buy' housework

If a man is handy with the vacuum cleaner, isn't averse to rustling up a lush family meal most nights after he's put on the washing machine having popped into the supermarket on his way home ...

Mon 24 Jun 19 from

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