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Lyft feature lets you choose from popular destinations of other riders nearby

Lyft will help you plan your next night out with its new feature, called 'Trending Destinations', which shows popular drop-off spots from other riders nearby like bars restaurants and street ...

Fri 18 Oct 19 from Daily Mail

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Group behind Facebook's Libra coin announces 21 founding members

The Libra Association, created by Facebook to launch its new cryptocurrency, has announced its 21 founding members after defections by previous supporters including Visa and Mastercard.

Tue 15 Oct 19 from TechXplore

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Assigning workers to new networks boosts sustainability

Organizations looking to lead quests for sustainability can train troops within their ranks, but the traditional boundaries like experience, seniority and departments aren't where the payoffs ...

Thu 17 Oct 19 from

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Consumers trust influencers less when there is a variety of choices for a product

Consumers have been relying on opinion leader recommendations to make choices about product quality and purchases for a long time. It is even more prominent now with the prevalence of influencers ...

Wed 16 Oct 19 from

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How partisan hate leads people to believe falsehoods

Researchers now have a better idea of why people who rely on partisan news outlets are more likely to believe falsehoods about political opponents.

Wed 16 Oct 19 from

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Both Democrat and Republican likely voters strongly support sex education in schools

Democrats and Republicans disagree on many policies but not on sex education for teenagers, a Rutgers-led national survey finds.

Tue 15 Oct 19 from Medical Xpress

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Study finds relationship between racial discipline disparities and academic achievement gaps in US

An increase in either the discipline gap or the academic achievement gap between black and white students in the United States predicts a jump in the other, according to a new study published ...

Wed 16 Oct 19 from

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Being attractive helps, but it isn't everything

The question may be as old as democracy itself: are physically attractive people elected more often than less attractive opponents? In two studies that were published recently, Dr. Sebastian ...

Tue 15 Oct 19 from

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Daily briefing: Negative result deepens vaping sickness mystery

Nature, Published online: 14 October 2019; doi:10.1038/d41586-019-03128-9Researchers are struggling to even categorize the chemicals contained in e-cigarettes, three ‘randomistas’ ...

Mon 14 Oct 19 from Nature News

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Research highlights importance of religious vote amid changing social landscape

Canadians who consider religion to be important in their lives were still more likely to vote for the Conservative Party in 2015, finds new research from the University of Waterloo. This religion ...

Tue 15 Oct 19 from

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