Robots won’t take as many of our jobs as we feared, says report

An OECD report suggests robots could soon take 66m jobs from humans. That isn’t as bad as previously expected. But who will be first to lose their jobs to machines?Subscribe and review: Acast, Apple, Spotify, Soundcloud, Audioboom, Mixcloud. Join the discussion on Facebook, Twitter or email us at podcasts@theguardian.comA new report from the OECD – the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development – looked at the extent to which jobs may soon be automated in 32 different countries, and found that 66 million people are at risk of losing their job to machines. That means 14% of jobs currently held by humans could soon be managed by robots. The level of risk varies from industry to industry and country to country, but in the UK about 10% of jobs are considered at high risk. Continue reading...

Robots won’t take as many of our jobs as we feared, says report

New OECD report says that the risk of jobs being handed over to artificial intelligence is a lot lower than previously forecast

Wed 4 Apr 18 from Newscientist

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