Flippy the burger-making robot has started its shift

Good news if you’re worried about a robot taking your job: it turns out even mechanical laborers need a break. Only a single shift into its career at the CaliBurger restaurant in Pasadena, California, this week, Flippy the robot burger-flipper is going on hiatus, reports USA Today. The bot, created by startup Miso Robotics, made its debut earlier this week assisting in CaliBurger’s kitchen by flipping patties on the grill. According to reports, the robot did its job well but was such a hit with customers that Miso Robotics is giving Flippy time off over the weekend for some upgrades. According to Miso spokeswoman Stephanie Cirigliano, the company needs to perform tests on the robot “to make sure the location can fulfill a large number... Continue reading…

Flippy the burger-making robot has started its shift

Tue 6 Mar 18 from MIT Technology Review

Newsflash! Robots can't live without us

Flippy opened and shut down in 2 days, because there wasn't enough humans to help        

Sat 10 Mar 18 from USA today

Burger-making robot 'Flippy' gets fired from his job after one day

The robot attracted so much national interest that the CaliBurger was forced to take Flippy offline, as it was too slow to keep up with the crowds. Now, a sign reads that Flippy will be 'cooking ...

Fri 9 Mar 18 from Daily Mail

Flippy lessons - the future won't be here overnight

Flippy, the burger flipping robot only lasted two days before the plug was pulled, temporarily, suggesting that the future we dream about is going to take a whole lot longer to arrive. Jefferson ...

Fri 9 Mar 18 from USA today

Burger-flipping robot takes short break

The automated cook has been switched off while upgrades are prepared to help it cook more quickly.

Fri 9 Mar 18 from BBC Technology

Flippy the burger flipping robot is on a break, already

It's cooling its gears for an extra long weekend after gawkers taxed the mechanical grill master.        

Wed 7 Mar 18 from USA today

Burger-Flipping Bot Joins Human Chefs at CaliBurger

Come one, come all: Come see the first autonomous robotic kitchen assistant in action at the CaliBurger kitchen. Flippy is set to make its public debut flipping and assembling burger patties ...

Tue 6 Mar 18 from Geek.com

'Flippy' the burger-making robot gets to work at California chain

Starting today, the artificial intelligence-driven robot that can 'cook the perfect burger every time' has joined his human co-workers during the lunch shift. Flippy has been in test trials ...

Mon 5 Mar 18 from Daily Mail

Flippy the robot is now cooking up burgers near L.A., and that's just the start

Got a beef with how it's grilled your burger? Talk to the (metallic) hand.        

Mon 5 Mar 18 from USA today


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