Hoping for mech racing league comes easy at CES

 This is Mobile Suit Gundam in real life. A company called Furrion created this monster of a mech. It’s called Prosthesis and I need one in my life. The Prosthesis is an exoskeleton that weighs 8,000, has a top speed of 20 mph, and the company says the battery can power the mech for an hour. And this thing is for real. Watch the video above. This isn’t a robot. It’s an… Read More

Hoping for mech racing league comes easy at CES

A crew of supersized exoskeletons ready to race? Well, a machine teased as such, as the machine, of startling proportions, drew attention at CES this week. This curiosity is nearly 15 feet tall, ...

Thu 11 Jan 18 from TechXplore

Video: 15-foot mech taking its early steps

At last year's CES, a company called Furrion unveiled Prosthesis, a 15-foot tall, 16-foot wide mech. It only stood in one spot during 2017's event, but the firm has now released a video ...

Wed 10 Jan 18 from Techspot

Remember that giant mech from CES? Now it walks - Roadshow

Furrion is one step closer to creating its powered mech racing series.

Tue 9 Jan 18 from CNET Cutting Edge

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