Viral Video Shows A Swarm Of Robots Sorting Packages

It’s some consolation to think the soulless automata that will eventually replace you might also be cute enough to go viral. Just look at this video of orange package-sorting robots working in a warehouse operated by Chinese delivery giant Shentong. They’re capable of handling 200,000 items a day, a spokesperson for the company told the South China Morning Post, and can work 24/7 because they don’t have robot families or feelings of any sort! And just listen to that jangly music: this is basically Pixar! The bot itself is actually called “Little Orange” and is one of a range of package-sorting devices made by Chinese company Hikvision. Human workers place packages on top of the seat cushion-sized Little Orange bots, with these items... Continue reading…

Viral Video Shows A Swarm Of Robots Sorting Packages

We tend to think of robots as something like the Terminator or Marvin, or at least the popular press does. What is not completely understood is that simpler robots are likely to have as big ...

Sat 15 Apr 17 from iProgrammer

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