America may miss out on the next industrial revolution

Robots are inevitably going to automate millions of jobs in the US and around the world, but there’s an even more complex scenario on the horizon, said roboticist Matt Rendall. In a talk Tuesday at SXSW, Rendall painted a picture of the future of robotic job displacement that focused less on automation and more on the realistic ways in which the robotics industry will reshape global manufacturing. The takeaway was that America, which has outsourced much of its manufacturing and lacks serious investment in industrial robotics, may miss out on the world’s next radical shift in how goods are produced. That’s because the robot makers — as in, the robots that make the robots — could play a key role in determining how automation expands across... Continue reading…

Could Robots Actually Create More Jobs?

A new report shows that investment in robotics increases productivity and the GDP. And jobs are still growing. A new report shows that investment in robotics increases ...

Thu 16 Mar 17 from Fastcompany Tech

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