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There's no escaping Boston Dynamics' wheeled jumping robot

Boston Dynamics has officially unveiled its latest robot after footage leaked earlier in February showing the new design. Known as "Handle" the new research robot incorporates elements ...

Mon 27 Feb 17 from Gizmag

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Cobalt Robotics Introduces a (Mostly) Autonomous Mobile Security Robot

Combining advanced sensors, AI, and telepresence, this robot can be an effective security guard

1 hours ago from IEEE Spectrum

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Language learning robot could advance autonomous vehicles, help emergency responders in the future

A Purdue University researcher and his team are developing technology to give robots the ability to learn language.

6 hours ago from TechXplore

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Next generation of robots for use in nuclear sites

The University of Manchester is to lead a consortium to build the next generation of robots that are more durable and perceptive for use in nuclear sites.

Tue 28 Feb 17 from

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Your kid's new Spanish tutor is a creepy robot

A lot of well-meaning parents really, really want their child to learn a second language. However, it's hard to teach a language when you don't actually speak it yourself. ...

Tue 28 Feb 17 from Engadget

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UK investing 17m in robotics developments

Includes photonics and imaging-related robot technologies for micro-surgery and nuclear environments.

2 hours ago from

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Actuated fluffy tail can relay robot states to humans

(Tech Xplore)A dog tail was studied for its ability to communicate robot states? You read that correctly. No words missing. It is all about two active minds from the University of Manitoba.

Mon 27 Feb 17 from TechXplore

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In 30 years, your shoes will be smarter than you, says SoftBank founder

The population of super-smart robots will exceed the human population, SoftBank's Son says        

Mon 27 Feb 17 from USA today

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Opinion: Robots and AI could soon have feelings, hopes and rights we must prepare for the reckoning

Get used to hearing a lot more about artificial intelligence. Even if you discount the utopian and dystopian hyperbole, the 21st century will broadly be defined not just by advancements in artificial ...

Tue 28 Feb 17 from TechXplore

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Meet FORPHEUS, the Guinness record-breaking ping pong robot

A robot created by the Japanese electronics company Omron has been certified by Guinness World Records as the world's 'first robot table tennis tutor.'

Tue 28 Feb 17 from The Christian Science Monitor

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