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Alibaba billionaire says AI will cause people ‘more pain than happiness’

Jack Ma said key social conflict will be the rise of artificial intelligence and longer life expectancy, which will lead to aging workforce fighting for fewer jobsArtificial intelligence and ...

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Space technologies improve surgeries back on earth

Researchers in Hong Kong have developed a novel surgical robotic system that provides tactile feedback and is capable of single-incision and natural orifice (incision-free) robotic surgery. ...

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Magic Is Just Technology In This Amazing Video

We all know the Arthur C. Clarke quote about any sufficiently advanced technology looking like magic, but perhaps our own technology is already enough to look like magic if presented in the ...

10 hours ago from iProgrammer

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Robotic cheetah moves almost as efficiently as the real thing

The fastest land animal on Earth, the cheetah, has inspired a number of swift-footed robots. The latest has cropped up at the University of Twente, where doctoral candidate Geert Folkertsma ...

Wed 19 Apr 17 from Gizmag

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Bricklaying robot can make ergonomic, economic impact on construction sites

(Tech Xplore)—New York-based Construction Robotics is just what its title suggests. The company is applying robotics to construction sites where technology can assist, rather than replace, human ...

Fri 21 Apr 17 from TechXplore

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Robots, chefs hope to bring invasive lion fish to restaurants near you

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - As it turns out, some of the best cooks in the world think lionfish, a venomous predatory fish which is breeding out of control and destroying marine ecosystems in the ...

Thu 20 Apr 17 from Reuters

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iRobot starts a patent war over robot vacuums

It's getting nasty in the robot vacuum arena. iRobot has filed lawsuits against Bissell, Black & Decker, Bobsweep and Hoover for allegedly violating several patents for ...

Tue 18 Apr 17 from Engadget

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Are we prepared for the consequences of technology

Most Americans have some form of digital technology, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or laptop, within their reach 24-7.

Wed 19 Apr 17 from

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Robot being trained to shoot guns is 'not a Terminator', insists Russian deputy Prime Minister

The android is expected to embark on a solo space mission in 2021

Fri 14 Apr 17 from The Independent

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Customize AI Sex Robot For $20/Year

The robot revolution is coming—and it will be much sexier than anticipated. Abyss Creations, maker of the life-size RealDoll sex toy, last week released the Harmony AI app, for all your on-the-go ...

Tue 18 Apr 17 from

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