These Desert Ants Gallop at a Blistering 108 Body Lengths Per Second

According to Noël Coward, mad dogs and Englishmen are the only creatures that go out in the midday sun, but Harald Wolf from the University of Ulm, Germany, would add another animal: Saharan silver ants (Cataglyphis bombycina). Venturing from their nests to scavenge the corpses of less-fortunate creatures at the peak of the day—when the sand can reach 60°C—these resilient ants had always fascinated Wolf. 'Even among desert ants, the silver ants are special', he says, explaining that the insects were reputed to hit speeds approaching 1 m/s. But little was known about how the ants scamper at such blistering speeds across the sand. During an earlier trip to the salt pans of Tunisia—to study the silver ant's cousin, Cataglyphis fortis—Wolf, Sarah Pfeffer, Verena Wahl and Matthias Wittlinger had taken a detour to Douz to search for the enigmatic desert dwellers. After finding silver ants thriving in the dunes, the team returned in 2015 to film them in action. The team publishes their discover that Saharan silver a

These Desert Ants Gallop at a Blistering 108 Body Lengths Per Second

Saharan silver ants. The insects can move at blistering speeds across fiery desert sands. (Credit: Pavel Krasensky/Shutterstock) Around noon each day in the Sahara Desert, silver ants emerge ...

Wed 16 Oct 19 from Discover Magazine

Desert ant runs so fast it covers 100 times its body length per second

Saharan silver ants only have 10 minutes a day to find food in the searing desert heat, so they have evolved to run at almost a metre per second

Wed 16 Oct 19 from Newscientist

Holy galloping ants

Wed 16 Oct 19 from Cosmos Magazine

Newly identified compounds could help give fire ants their sting

Native to South America, imported fire ants have now spread to parts of North America and elsewhere around the world. These invasive pests have painful stings that, in some cases, can cause ...

Wed 16 Oct 19 from

Assessing the rationality of time investment when rock ants choose a nest site

A team of researchers from the University of Oxford and Arizona State University has carried out experiments with rock ants to assess their rationality of time investment when they choose a ...

Wed 16 Oct 19 from

Behold the world's fastest ant, star of a future sci-fi horror flick - CNET

The movie hasn't been made yet, but it should be.

Thu 17 Oct 19 from CNET Cutting Edge

World's fastest ant runs equivalent of 360 mph

The speed of the fastest ant in the world has been recorded, traveling at 108 times its body length in a single second.

Thu 17 Oct 19 from FOXNews

World's fastest ant hits record-breaking speed of TWO miles per hour

Named the Saharan silver, after its home, it can cover almost a yard - in a single second. That's 108 times its body length of a third of an inch. In human terms, it would be equivalent to running ...

Wed 16 Oct 19 from Daily Mail


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