Scent brings all the songbirds to the yard

Lehigh University scientists found that not only can chickadees smell, but the males and females prefer the smell of their own species over the smell of the opposite species. These preferences could be impacting hybridization. Their results have been published in an article entitled: 'Conspecific olfactory preferences and interspecific divergence in odor cues in a chickadee hybrid zone' in Ecology and Evolution.

Scent brings all the songbirds to the yard

Chickadees can smell! That is the news from a study out of Lehigh University, the first to document naturally hybridizing songbirds' preference for the scent of their own species.

Mon 12 Aug 19 from

Scent brings all the songbirds to the yard, Mon 12 Aug 19 from Eurekalert

Songbirds of the Same Smell Tend to Gel

Do birds have a sense of smell? According to new research from Amber Rice, chickadees do, and odor might play a role in mate selection among naturally hybridizing songbirds. Chickadees can smell! ...

Sat 17 Aug 19 from Science Blog

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