Fruit flies enjoy ‘culture’ and ‘tradition’

If you think dating culture only applies to humans, think again. A team of researchers recently discovered that female fruit flies take their mating preferences from their peers. When presented with a few differently-colored suitors, the flies were more likely to choose the color they'd seen other flies select before them. This kind of conformity suggests that the fruit flies are passing behaviors among themselves socially — what we humans call culture. These traditions persisted among

Fruit flies enjoy ‘culture’ and ‘tradition’

Study finds the little insects are capable of social learning and cultural transmission. Samantha Page reports.

Mon 3 Dec 18 from Cosmos Magazine

Culture and conformity shape fruitfly mating

Thu 29 Nov 18 from Science Now

Toolbox for studying the existence of animal cultures

Fruit flies possess all of the cognitive capacities needed to culturally transmit their sexual preferences across generations, according to researchers. Their study provides the first experimental ...

Thu 29 Nov 18 from ScienceDaily

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