Bees Understand Zero, Zip, Nada

Honeybees can conceive and interpret zero. This has just been demonstrated by a scientist from the Research Centre on Animal Cognition (CNRS / Université Toulouse III--Paul Sabatier) and her Australian colleagues, proving for the first time ever that insects are capable of mathematical abstraction. As zero, designating nothingness, neutrality, or absence, is a relatively recent concept for humans, these findings -- published in Science (June 8, 2018) -- raise questions about its symbolic significance in the history of mathematics.

Bees Understand Zero, Zip, Nada

Thu 7 Jun 18 from Discover Magazine

'Sniffer BEES' have spotted explosives in former Yugoslavian warzone

The bees led mine clearance teams to unexploded bombs in Croatia after they were trained to hone in on the smell of explosives, according to research from St Andrews University.

Thu 14 Jun 18 from Daily Mail

Honey bees understand the concept of zero (but human children still can't quite grasp it)

Scientists from Australia and France taught honey bees that zero is less than one. Bees have an ability thought to exist only in dolphins, primates, birds and humans older than toddlers. ...

Fri 8 Jun 18 from Daily Mail

Single injection all it takes to transform a docile honey bee into a hostile menace, scientists find

Africanised bees are notoriously aggressive, and have killed more than 1,000 people since they were first introduced to Brazil in the 1950s.

Fri 8 Jun 18 from Daily Mail

Bees can count! The stripy insects can be trained to understand numbers while looking for food

After two hours of training, with a sugary treat as a reward, bees can learn to fly to a piece of paper with the smallest number of shapes on it, researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne ...

Thu 7 Jun 18 from Daily Mail

Bees and the thought of naught

Fri 8 Jun 18 from Eurekalert

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