Simulating cetacean sex with cadaver parts offers insight into marine copulation

Perhaps the hardest part about studying marine mammal reproductive anatomy using organs collected from deceased animals is that they can't get an erection the easy way. Reinflating human penises postmortem is a relatively trivial feat, says Diane Kelly, a research assistant professor at University of Massachusetts and penis inflation expert. Like most mammals, human penises are mostly fleshy, with lots of vascular space for blood to flow into to make the flaccid structure rigid with t

Female dolphins have weaponised their vaginas to fend off males

Bottlenose dolphins have evolved complicated, folded vaginas that make it difficult for unwanted males to fertilise their eggs

Tue 10 Oct 17 from Newscientist

Female Dolphins Have Weaponized Their Vaginas to Protect Themselves

In nature, it’s common for males and females to attempt to one-up one another with different reproductive strategies, but female dolphins might well have one of the most advanced systems ...

Thu 12 Oct 17 from

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