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Study confirms truth behind 'Darwin's moth'

Scientists have revisited—and confirmed—one of the most famous textbook examples of evolution in action.

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Biologists study swift evolutionary changes in acorn-dwelling insects

The relatively swift adaptability of tiny, acorn-dwelling ants to warmer environments could help scientists predict how other species might evolve in the crucible of global climate change.

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Female mosquitoes get choosy quickly to offset invasions

Certain female mosquitoes quickly evolve more selective mating behavior when faced with existential threats from other invasive mosquito species, with concurrent changes to certain genetic regions, ...

Thu 16 Aug 18 from

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Plasticine caterpillars show how birds could protect crops

Although the scent of freshly-cut grass may seem nice, what you're actually smelling is a distress signal. Thanks to a recent-conducted study, scientists from the University of Delaware ...

Wed 15 Aug 18 from Gizmag

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There isn't one kind of 'good sperm' – it depends on other qualities in the male

In a study published in Behavioral Ecology researchers from Uppsala University show that the same type of sperm is not always the best for all male birds. Depending on how attractive or dominant ...

Thu 16 Aug 18 from

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Why we're watching the giant Australian cuttlefish

Australia is home to the world's only known site where cuttlefish gather to mate en masse.

Wed 15 Aug 18 from

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Why war evolved to be a man's game – and why that's only now changing

One pattern characterises every war that's ever been fought. Frontline fighting in warfare is primarily and often almost exclusively a male activity. From a numbers perspective, bigger armies ...

Wed 15 Aug 18 from

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Scientists examine how plants protect themselves by emitting scent cues for birds

When plants are in distress or being fed on by insects, they have been known to send out sensory volatile cues that alert organisms in the area—such as birds—that they are in need of help. While ...

Tue 14 Aug 18 from

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Cancer-fighting drugs also help plants fight disease

Cancer-fighting drugs used on humans can help plants fight disease as well. That discovery, by two Washington State University plant pathologists, could help scientists develop new pathways ...

Tue 14 Aug 18 from

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Rubbish-collecting crows a star attraction at French theme park

Visitors to a theme park in western France this week have a new attraction to enjoy: six crows that have been specially trained to pick up cigarette ends and rubbish.

Thu 16 Aug 18 from

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