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How bird flocks are like liquid helium

Mathematical model shows how hundreds of starlings coordinate their movements in flight

17 hours ago from Science Now

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Designer potatoes on the menu to boost consumption

A decline in overall potato consumption has Texas A&M AgriLife Research breeders working on "designer" spuds that meet the time constraints and unique tastes of a younger generation.

Sat 26 Jul 14 from

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New hope for powdery mildew resistant barley

New research at the University of Adelaide has opened the way for the development of new lines of barley with resistance to powdery mildew.

Thu 24 Jul 14 from

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"Light pollution" may affect love lives of birds in the Viennese Forests

Artificial light in cities exerts negative effects on humans, animals, and their environment. In an ongoing research project, behavioral biologists at Vetmeduni Vienna are investigating how ...

Fri 25 Jul 14 from

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Herbivore drool defeats fungal defence

A report in Biology Letters shows that the drool of herbivores might help defeat the toxic fungal defences of the plants they graze on.

Thu 24 Jul 14 from

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Why Do Birds Fly Into Glass?

The Minnesota Vikings' glass-filled football stadium raises concerns over bird strikes. So why do birds fly into windows?

Thu 24 Jul 14 from

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Radio frequency ID tags on honey bees reveal hive dynamics

Scientists attached radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags to hundreds of individual honey bees and tracked them for several weeks. The effort yielded two discoveries: Some foraging bees ...

Tue 22 Jul 14 from

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Meerkats' sinister side is secret to their success, study shows

The darker side of meerkats – which sees them prevent their daughters from breeding, and kill their grandchildren – is explained in a new study.

Tue 22 Jul 14 from

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The secret life of squirrels in New York City

A recent study has found eastern grey squirrels thrive in New York City's urban environment by adapting their behaviour according to cues from human pedestrians, and mostly by ignoring passers-by.

Wed 16 Jul 14 from

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The mystery behind starling flocks explained

( —The mystery behind the movements of flocking starlings could be explained by the areas of light and dark created as they fly, new research suggests.

Fri 18 Jul 14 from

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