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Strange, fanged deer persists in Afghanistan

More than 60 years after its last confirmed sighting, a strange deer with vampire-like fangs still persists in the rugged forested slopes of northeast Afghanistan according to a research team ...

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New frog species discovered in New York City

A new frog species lives up and down the East Coast. It was discovered when ecologists realized its 'ribbit' was distinct from the calls of a lookalike species.

Wed 29 Oct 14 from ScienceNews

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Science casts light on sex in the orchard

Persimmons are among the small club of plants with separate sexes—individual trees are either male or female. Now scientists at the University of California, Davis, and Kyoto University in Japan ...

Thu 30 Oct 14 from

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Absurd Creatures of the Week: Real-Life Animal Zombies That Are Way Cooler Than Your Costume

A staggering number of creatures out there (and even some fungi) have figured out how to mind-control their unfortunate hosts. In Absurd Creature of the Week, I've covered quite a few of these. ...

10 hours ago from Wired Science

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Female frogs modify offspring development depending on reproduction date

Global warming is altering the reproduction of plants and animals, notably accelerating the date when reproduction and other life processes occur. A study by the University of Uppsala (Sweden), ...

Thu 30 Oct 14 from

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Plants make their own sunscreen to block damaging rays

Too much time in the sun would damage plants, as it does humans, so they use a chemical called sinapoyl malate to absorb ultraviolet rays for them

6 hours ago from Newscientist

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A battle for ant sperm

And you thought the sexual battles between people could get weird and fierce? Try ants. In a new study, biologists at the University of Vermont have discovered some queen ants that make sexual ...

Tue 28 Oct 14 from

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Nestling birds struggle in noisy environments

Unable to fly, nestling birds depend on their parents for both food and protection: vocal communication between parents and offspring helps young birds to determine when they should beg for ...

Wed 29 Oct 14 from

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Fairy wren embryos found able to discern between adult calls

( —A trio of researchers with Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster in Germany has found that a species of bird, the superb fairy wren, is able to distinguish between adult calls ...

Wed 29 Oct 14 from

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Researchers discover for the first time that a rare bush frog breeds in bamboo

Researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have discovered a new reproductive mode in frogs and toads - breeding and laying direct developing eggs in live bamboo with narrow ...

Tue 28 Oct 14 from

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