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Jaguar scat study suggests restricted movement in areas of conservation importance in Mesoamerica

A research group led by the American Museum of Natural History and global wild cat conservation organization Panthera has published the largest gene-based survey of its kind on wild jaguar populations ...

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Tracking great reed-warblers' incredible African migration

Populations of many birds that migrate between Eurasia and Africa are in decline, and species that depend on wetlands are especially in trouble. Without knowing what habitats they use throughout ...

Wed 26 Oct 16 from

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A rare window on the lives of young albatrosses

Understanding population dynamics is crucial for the conservation of long-lived species like albatrosses, but collecting data on albatrosses before they reach adulthood and begin to breed is ...

Wed 26 Oct 16 from

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The houseplant with a blueprint for improving energy harvesting

For many people, nanotechnology belongs in the realm of science fiction. Researchers at the Universities of Bristol and Essex have solved the mystery of the blue sheen on the leaves of some ...

Mon 24 Oct 16 from

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Automating the search for small-molecule modulators of plant growth

Agricultural biotechnologists at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) have developed a screening technique that can quickly determine how chemicals affect the growth of plants. ...

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Can Science Save the Banana?

The banana is the world’s most popular fruit crop, with over 100 million metric tons produced annually in over 130 tropical and subtropical countries. Edible bananas are the result of a genetic ...

Mon 24 Oct 16 from Discover Magazine

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Researchers link virus to Alaska birds with deformed beaks

Biologist Colleen Handel saw her first black-capped chickadee with the heartrending disorder in 1998.

Tue 25 Oct 16 from

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At molecular level, evolutionary change is unpredictable

Biologists have been contemplating evolutionary change since Charles Darwin first explained it.

Thu 20 Oct 16 from

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Amazonian frog has its own ant repellent

Special chemicals covering the skin of a tiny yellow-striped Amazonian frog provide a protective shield that wards off leaf-cutting ants allowing it to live comfortably among them. "It helps ...

Thu 20 Oct 16 from

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'Mean girl' meerkats can make twice as much testosterone as males

Testosterone. It's often lauded as the hormone that makes males bigger, bolder, stronger.

Thu 20 Oct 16 from

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