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World's first successful artificial insemination of southern rockhopper penguin

DNA tests have confirmed that one of the three southern rockhopper penguin chicks born at Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan between June 4 and 6 was conceived through artificial insemination. This is ...

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Female deer disperse farther than males, present disease-control challenge

Fewer female white-tailed deer disperse than males, but when they do, they typically travel more than twice as far, taking much more convoluted paths and covering larger areas, according to ...

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Fungi can be used to control filth fly adults and reduce egg laying

Stable flies and house flies are a concern in livestock and poultry farming because they can transmit harmful pathogens, and animals can harm themselves while trying to avoid bites from the ...

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Butterfly Discovery (Photos)

Stunning new pictures reveal kleptomaniac butterflies in the Amazon forest stealing ant goo.

Mon 27 Jun 16 from Livescience

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Picky eaters: Bumble bees prefer plants with nutrient-rich pollen

Bumble bees have discriminating palettes when it comes to their pollen meals, according to researchers at Penn State. The researchers found that bumble bees can detect the nutritional quality ...

Mon 27 Jun 16 from

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New evidence that sperm whales form clans with diverse cultures, languages

Sperm whales have unique cultural identities.

Sun 26 Jun 16 from Arstechnica

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Female blue tits sing in the face of danger

Birdsong has long been associated with courtship or competitive behaviour. And males were often considered to be a more active singing partner than females. A team of researchers from the Vetmeduni ...

Fri 24 Jun 16 from

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New discoveries on evolution can save endangered species

Traditionally, the evolutionary development of an insect species has been explained by the notion that the female insect chooses her male partner based on size and other factors, so-called assortative ...

Thu 23 Jun 16 from

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Sex with the lights on: Sexual selection increases the number of species and impacts global diversity

When you're a firefly, finding "the one" can change the world. Literally. A new study by UCSB evolutionary biologists Todd Oakley and Emily Ellis demonstrates that for fireflies, octopuses and ...

Thu 23 Jun 16 from

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Ultra-sticky tongue help chameleons catch dinner

STICKY TONGUE: A tongue coated in mucus as sticky as honey is the key to a chameleon's ability to catch their prey.

Mon 20 Jun 16 from ABC Science

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