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Birds play sick jungle beat with drumsticks they make themselves

In behaviour extraordinarily like ours, male palm cockatoos have been filmed making drumsticks and playing regular rhythms on hollow trees, to attract females

2 hours ago from Newscientist

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Study shows fairy wrens aware that their mating plumage attracts predators

( team of researchers with Monash University and Australian National University has found that male superb fairy wrens are aware that their seasonal bright plumage attracts predators ...

10 hours ago from

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The Blue-winged Amazon: A new parrot species from the Yucatan Peninsula

The newly identified Blue-winged Amazon parrot has a loud, short call and evolved from the White-fronted parrot quite recently, about 120,000 years ago.

Tue 27 Jun 17 from

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Raptor plunging to extinction in England

There are just four breeding pairs of the iconic bird of prey left in England.

22 hours ago from BBC News

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Biologist looks at butterflies to help solve human infertility

When insects skip the light fandango their romantic foreplay often involves some pretty crazy things like hypnotic dance moves and flashy colors. In some species it ends with a complex ejaculate ...

Tue 27 Jun 17 from

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Birds use cigarette butts for chemical warfare against ticks

Urban house finches incorporate more fibres from cigarette butts into their nests if they have live ticks in them, suggesting the toxic chemicals in the butts may deter the parasites

Mon 26 Jun 17 from Newscientist

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Insect-zapping 'photon fence' uses lasers to fry pests

The fence, developed by Seattle-based Intellectual Ventures Lab, generates a 30-Watt wall of near-infrared light that can target specific species of insect and cook them in less than 25 milliseconds. ...

Mon 26 Jun 17 from Daily Mail

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SNAILS have a homing instinct

Researchers from the University of Exeter carried out an experiment in a garden in Welwyn Garden City, and found that the snails all found their way home when moved.

Mon 26 Jun 17 from Daily Mail

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Dramatic differences spotted in chimp communities

Dramatic differences in chimp societies, discovered by researchers at the University of St Andrews, reveal variations in social status and sharing food, as seen in human cultures.

Fri 23 Jun 17 from

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Sweet bribes for ants are key to crops bearing fruit, study shows

Flowering crops such as beans and cotton offer their sweetest nectar to recruit colonising ants in a strategy that balances their need for defence and to reproduce, research suggests.

Fri 23 Jun 17 from

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