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Chimpanzees raised as pets or performers suffer long-term effects on their behavior

Although the immediate welfare consequences of removing infant chimpanzees from their mothers are well documented, little is known about the long-term impacts of this type of early life experience. ...

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Study: Narwhal Tusk Size Correlates With Testicle Size and Fertility

Is that a giant tooth on your head or are you just happy to see me?

11 hours ago from TIME

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Mown grass smell sends SOS for help in resisting insect attacks, researchers say

The smell of cut grass in recent years has been identified as the plant's way of signalling distress, but new research says the aroma also summons beneficial insects to the rescue.

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Bird brains more precise than humans'

( —Birds have been found to display superior judgement of their body width compared to humans, in research to help design autonomous aircraft navigation systems.

Fri 19 Sep 14 from

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Peacocks need not sacrifice flying skills for sexiness

Decorative tail feathers don't hinder speedy takeoffs

Wed 17 Sep 14 from Science Now

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Primal pull of a baby crying reaches across species

Mother deer rushed towards the infant distress calls of seals, humans and even bats, suggesting that these mammals share similar emotions

Thu 18 Sep 14 from Newscientist

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Mice nest together to confuse paternity and reduce infanticide

It is a cruel world out there, particularly for young animals born into social groups where infanticide occurs. This dark side of evolution is revealed when adults – often males – kill offspring ...

Thu 18 Sep 14 from

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Zoologger: Ants fight dirty in turf war with spiders

In the forests of eastern Australia, a squadron of social spiders faces off against an army of the world's most dangerous ants in a pitched battle for survival

Fri 19 Sep 14 from Newscientist

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Hydraulic architecture in plants towards improving irrigation systems

As with the humans, plants have an elaborate circulatory network that supplies water throughout the cellular structure. The study of this network dates back more than 200 years, although some ...

Thu 18 Sep 14 from

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Judging a fish by its color: For female bluefin killifish, love is a yellow mate

There's an old adage that warns against passing judgment based on appearance, but female bluefin killifish, like many animal species, apparently don't share such human wisdom when choosing a ...

Tue 16 Sep 14 from

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