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Darwin was right: Females prefer sex with good listeners

Almost 150 years after Charles Darwin first proposed a little-known prediction from his theory of sexual selection, researchers have found that male moths with larger antennae are better at ...

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Why communication is vital—even among plants and funghi

Plant scientists at the University of Cambridge have found a plant protein indispensable for communication early in the formation of symbiosis - the mutually beneficial relationship between ...

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Science Finally Discovered Why Flamingos Stand on 1 Leg

The balancing act uses less muscular effort and allows the birds to sway less

Wed 24 May 17 from TIME

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Seed Beetles Are Locked in a Brutal 'Sexual Arms Race'

Cowpea seed beetle sex is complicated. During copulation, the male seed beetle, Callosobruchus maculatus, uses his sharp, spiky penis to damage females’ reproductive tract while depositing ...

Wed 24 May 17 from Discover Magazine

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Kodak is releasing a phone with a giant camera bump

Late last year, Kodak released its Ektra smartphone — a device with mediocre specs and a big ass camera bump — in the UK, and now it’s finally coming to the US. The Ektra has a vintage ...

Thu 25 May 17 from The Verge

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Birds, bees and other critters have scruples, and for good reason

Humans are not the only species to show a strong work ethic and scruples. UC Berkeley researchers have found evidence of conscientiousness in insects, reptiles, birds, fish and other critters.

Wed 24 May 17 from

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Wind blows young migrant birds to all corners of Africa

Migrant birds that breed in the same area in Europe spread out across all of Africa during the northern winter. A new satellite-tracking study shows that the destination of individual birds ...

Wed 24 May 17 from

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Common artificial sweetener likely a safe, effective birth control and pesticide

Because of its quick lethality to freshly hatched flies and the ability to halt egg production, the artificial sweetener behind Truvia could be a potent but safe pesticide, according to a new ...

Tue 23 May 17 from

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Stingless bees have specialized guards to defend their colonies, study reveals

Like ants and termites, several species of stingless bees have specialized guards or soldiers to defend their colonies from attacks by natural enemies.

Wed 24 May 17 from

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Crazy for ant eggs: Team reveals that 'yellow crazy ant' workers lay eggs as a food source

As worker ants busily hurry about providing for colony and queen, we can imagine a range of tasks that they must be performing. But laying eggs?

Tue 23 May 17 from

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