CabinR Is An Anti-Theft Bag With A Built-In Alarm

[CES 2018] When traveling to foreign countries that you arenít familiar with, making sure that your bags are safe and secure are always a good idea lest someone steals it and its contents. There are several bags and backpacks around that offer up protection against theft, but if you wanted something a bit more obvious, CabinR might have the answer.At CES they company showed off their anti-theft bags which comes in a backpack and messenger model. What makes the CabinR bags special is that they come with RFID technology that the wearer can authenticate themselves with via an RFID card. When someone tries to open the bag without the proper authentication, the alarm will sound and alert you to it.CabinRís bags are just some of the anti-theft bags in the market today. There are some models out there that are anti-theft by making the bag harder to open with secure zips and locks, while some use materials that are impervious to knives (to a certain degree), which prevents them from being cut open and having the con

CabinR's travel bags keep thieves away with an annoying alarm

Not everyone is good at keeping track of their personal belongings, like a backpack or a messenger bag. So CabinR, a startup based out of Hong Kong, wants to help you feel safer on ...

Wed 10 Jan 18 from Engadget

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