How flowering plants conquered the world

Scientists have found an explanation for how flowering plants became dominant so rapidly in ecosystems across the world—a problem that Charles Darwin called an 'abominable mystery'. In a study publishing on January 11 in the open access journal PLOS Biology, Kevin Simonin and Adam Roddy, from San Francisco State University and Yale University respectively, found that flowering plants have small cells relative to other major plant groups and that this small cell size is made possible by a greatly reduced genome size.

How flowering plants conquered the world

Scientists solve Darwin's "abominable mystery": How flowers rapidly evolved and spread across the globe.

Sat 13 Jan 18 from BBC News

Small cells allowed flowering plants to take over the world

Size isn't everything.

Tue 16 Jan 18 from ZME Science

Decoded:How flowering plants conquered the world

By shrinking the size of each cell, water and nutrient delivery were made more efficient.

Fri 12 Jan 18 from The Hindu

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