Forget Pi Day. We should be celebrating Tau Day

Today is Pi Day, perhaps the most popular of geeky holidays. But Iím here to tell you that Pi Day is wrong ó or rather, the entire idea of pi as a mathematical concept is wrong. Itís easy enough to see why people like Pi Day: the whole thing starts with a mathematical pun of sorts (The date is written as 3/14 in American notation. Pi starts with the digits 3.14. You get it.) Itís an easy, fun ritual to see how many digits you can pointlessly memorize of the famously never-ending, never-repeating number (even though 39 digits is more than sufficient for almost any calculations youíll ever need). Plus pi sounds like pie, and who doesnít like pie? ? as a number is bad, and therefore, so is the entire misguided day dedicated to its... Continue reading…

Forget Pi Day. We should be celebrating Tau Day

Wed 14 Mar 18 from ScienceNews

People Think Itís an Interesting Coincidence That Stephen Hawking Died on Pi Day

It's also Albert Einstein's birthday

Wed 14 Mar 18 from TIME

Stephen Hawking's death converges with Pi Day, Einstein's birthday

In what may be regarded as an astounding coincidence, famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking died on Pi Day, March 14, the day each year when scientists and mathematicians celebrate the ...

Wed 14 Mar 18 from FOXNews

This Pi Day, Calculate the Value of Pi for Yourself

You just have to add up all the rectangles.

Wed 14 Mar 18 from Wired Science

Google doodle celebrates Pi Day

Pi is useful in every field of science as it's used for calculations involving the volume and surface area of spheres

Wed 14 Mar 18 from The Hindu

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