Tesla Model 3 event, in photos

Last night electric car-maker Tesla hosted a Model 3 “handoff” event for employees at its factory in Fremont, California, giving 30 select employees production-ready vehicles ahead of the car’s official launch in ... well, we’re still not quite sure when. Around 2,000 employees, along with press and other guests, gathered at the evening event to hear Tesla chief executive Elon Musk share more details about the long-awaited vehicle, which is Tesla’s first mass-market electric vehicle. The night was Muskian (Musky? Musk-like? Quintessential Musk?): a few minutes past nine o’clock, Musk rolled up on stage in a signature red Model 3, talked about the challenges of mass-producing such a vehicle, showed the audience a chart to underscore the... Continue reading…

Tesla Model 3 event, in photos

Sat 29 Jul 17 from The Verge

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