Study identifies optimum human hand-throwing techniques

(—A pair of researchers with Harvard and Yale Universities has conducted a study of optimal human throwing techniques and found which work best under which conditions. In their paper published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, Madhusudhan Venkadesan and Lakshminarayanan Mahadevan describe how they combined physics with observed results to learn which techniques work best in which situations.

Physics of throwing analysed by scientists

Scientists have calculated the optimal strategy for throwing something accurately, even a ball of paper.

Wed 26 Apr 17 from BBC News

The science behind the perfect free-throw

Researchers from Yale University were interested in understanding the physics behind various throwing techniques, from tossing paper into the bin, to bowling in cricket.

Wed 26 Apr 17 from Daily Mail

Perfect pitch: Scientists explore the mechanics of throwing

Researchers at Harvard University built math models to determine which kinds of throwing mechanics yield the most accurate throws.

Mon 1 May 17 from UPI

The science behind making the perfect pitch

Applied mathematicians used mathematical models to figure out the best strategies to throw something at a target. The team found that while underhand throws are best for reaching a target close ...

Mon 1 May 17 from ScienceDaily

The science behind making the perfect pitch, Mon 1 May 17 from Eurekalert

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