Facebook is actually richer thanks to news of the FTC’s $5 billion fine

Facebook’s stock went up after news of a record-breaking $5 billion FTC fine for various privacy violations broke today. That, as the New York Times’ Mike Isaac points out, is the real story here: the United States government spent months coming up with a punishment for Facebook’s long list of privacy-related bad behavior, and the best it could do was so weak that Facebook’s stock price went up. the fact that fb shares surged instead of sank on the FTC news is the story https://t.co/SztA1iAyOg pic.twitter.com/qDrzaR8J4Q— rat king (@MikeIsaac) July 12, 2019 From some other perspectives, that $5 billion fine is a big deal, of course: it’s the biggest fine in FTC history, far bigger than the $22 million fine levied against Google in... Continue reading…

$5 bn US fine set for Facebook on privacy probe: report

US regulators have approved a $5 billion penalty to be levied on Facebook to settle a probe into the social network's privacy and data protection lapses, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

Fri 12 Jul 19 from Phys.org

FTC votes to approve $5 billion settlement with Facebook in privacy probe

The Federal Trade Commission voted to approve a roughly $5 billion settlement with Facebook ending an investigation into its privacy practices, according to a source familiar with the matter ...

Fri 12 Jul 19 from The Washington Post

Facebook Reportedly Staring Down Barrel Of $5 Billion FTC Fine Over Privacy Violations

Facebook is no stranger to privacy and security issues; it seems at every turn, a new report is surfacing that claims that some new mishandling of user data has taken place. The most significant ...

Sat 13 Jul 19 from HotHardware

Facebook's $5 billion fine adds $10 billion to company's value

Yesterday, we reported that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had levied a $5 billion fine against Facebook as punishment for a string of breaches, scandals and controversies.

Sat 13 Jul 19 from Techspot

Cambridge Analytica: 'US regulators approve $5bn Facebook fine'

The reported fine would be the largest ever levied by the Federal Trade Commission on a tech company.

Fri 12 Jul 19 from BBC Technology

Facebook reportedly agrees to $5 billion FTC settlement

In the US, one such board is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), who has been looking into Facebook's past controversies with a fine-tooth comb. According to a new report from The Wall Street ...

Fri 12 Jul 19 from Techspot

Facebook’s FTC fine will be $5 billion—or one month’s worth of revenue

Fine will settle privacy investigation triggered by Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Fri 12 Jul 19 from Arstechnica

FTC Approves $5 Billion Settlement Against Facebook Over Cambridge Analytica Debacle: Reports

The Federal Trade Commission, which has been investigating Facebook in the wake of its massive Cambridge Analytica scandal, has voted to approve levying a massive $5 billion fine against the ...

Fri 12 Jul 19 from Gizmodo


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