Even Donald Trump is dumping on Facebook’s digital currency dreams

President Donald Trump took some time out of his evening to tweet about cryptocurrencies today, announcing to the world that he is “not a fan” of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because their “value is highly volatile and based on thin air.” In a series of tweets, Trump expanded on his thoughts on crypto, saying Facebook’s newly announced Libra virtual currency “will have little standing or dependability,” and that the company should seek a banking charter and be regulated like any other traditional financial institution. Incidentally, that puts Trump on the side of House Democrats, a group of which last week officially asked Facebook to put its Libra plans on hold so it can be properly investigated for risks to the global financial... Continue reading…

Even Donald Trump is dumping on Facebook’s digital currency dreams

Facebook has been dealing with criticism and scrutiny since it unveiled Libra. But the backlash shows that the project is a real wakeup call.

Fri 12 Jul 19 from MIT Technology Review

President Trump takes aim at Facebook’s cryptocurrency, Libra, saying it should be regulated

Taking aim at Facebook's plans to launch a virtual currency, known as Libra, and wallet, named Calibra, Trump said in a series of tweets that the currency would have "little standing or dependability."

Thu 11 Jul 19 from The Washington Post

Donald Trump is 'not a fan' of cryptocurrency, Facebook Libra

Just hours after a "social media summit," the president's Twitter account posted a thread aimed at, of all things, cryptocurrency. After starting off by claiming he's ...

Thu 11 Jul 19 from Engadget

Trump says Facebook's Libra currency has 'little standing or dependability' - CNET

The US president does not believe in Facebook's new cryptocurrency.

Thu 11 Jul 19 from CNET Cutting Edge

Trump blasts Bitcoin, Facebook's Libra, demands they face banking regulations

U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday criticized Bitcoin, Facebook's proposed Libra digital coin and other cryptocurrencies and demanded that companies seek a banking charter and make themselves ...

Thu 11 Jul 19 from Reuters Technology

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