How to transfer old Android apps into a new phone (page 2)

Phone apps are funny things. You install Ďem with a couple of quick clicks from the Play Store, but you never actually see the associated files or have direct access to whatís downloaded. In the name of simplicity, our modern mobile operating systems have covered up the ugly inner workings of app installation and taken file handling out of our hands. By and large, thatís a positive. Most phone owners donít generally need to see application files or know where such assets are located. But every now and then, an exception arises ó like when you move to a new phone and suddenly realize a favorite app from your old device is no longer available in the Play Store. Well, take heart: Android actually makes it pretty easy to find and save... Continue reading…

iOS 13 is bringing multi-cam support for simultaneous media capture

iPhone and iPad users will soon be able to provide a better context of what they're experiencing via simultaneous capture of footage from both devices' front and rear cameras. A video recording ...

Mon 10 Jun 19 from Techspot

Google Photos will no longer integrate with Drive from July

The automatic syncing of photos and video between Google Photos and Google Drive will cease from July 10, 2019.

Wed 12 Jun 19 from Techradar

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