Apple's iCloud is the latest service to experience outages

Facebook’s hours-long outage may have finally ended, and apparently, it’s Apple’s turn for a system outage. The company is reporting ongoing issues across almost all of its iCloud services beginning at 11AM ET today. Apple isn’t offering any details about what the issues are, just that “some users are affected,” and “users may be unable to access this service.” But according to the company’s support page, the problem is widespread. iCloud sign in, Backup, Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Keychain, iCloud Drive file storage, iWork, Photos, Notes, Reminders, Find My iPhone, and more are all apparently affected by the issue. The iCloud outage marks the third major tech outage in as many days, following Gmail and Google Drive issues earlier in the... Continue reading…

Apple's iCloud is the latest service to experience outages

As of writing, Apple's System Status page is showing all of its services are back to normal but this was after a few hours that a bevy of iCloud services were out of service including Backup, ...

Thu 14 Mar 19 from Techspot

One day after Facebook and Instagram went down, iCloud is having problems

After a server change took Facebook and Instagram down for many for most of Wednesday, Apple's iCloud faced its own share of issues Thursday.        

Thu 14 Mar 19 from USA today

Looks like iCloud is having problems

Apple is having a bad day. A litany of iCloud services are down or experiencing service disruptions, including sign-in, backup, reminders, Mail, Calendar and Find my iPhone features. ...

Thu 14 Mar 19 from Engadget

Apple’s iCloud is having an outage, too

Facebook has only just recovered from one of its worst outages to date, and Gmail and Google Drive also experienced a worldwide outage this week. Now, apparently, it’s Apple’s turn. ...

Thu 14 Mar 19 from TechCrunch

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