Google launches AI-driven audio news feed

For a while now Google News has been offering up personalized content to users, where based on the topics that you’ve indicated you’re interested in, it will show you content that it thinks is relevant to what you would expect from the news. Now it looks like that personalization is spilling over to Google Assistant.Google has announced that Google Assistant will be able to read out personalized news to the user. This will see the company leverage the AI used to help curate personalized Google News stories and apply it to Google Assistant. “This new experience will bring you an audio news playlist assembled in that moment, for you. It starts with a briefing of top stories and updates on topics you care about, and extends into longer-form content that dives deeper into more stories.”At the moment there aren’t many news organizations/publications that are taking part in this as this seems to be a test/prototype of sorts. However Google has since built an open specification that news organizations and publisher

Google launches AI-driven audio news feed

Google said Thursday it was launching a radio-style, on-demand audio news feed available on smart speakers, personalized with the help of artificial intelligence.

Fri 7 Dec 18 from TechXplore

Google Assistant introduces audio news free of sponsored content

Radio used to be a dominant form of distributing news and entertainment, but has given way to streaming options in recent times. Google is looking to ultimately replace traditional news radio ...

Fri 7 Dec 18 from Techspot

Google is using AI to curate personalized news for smart speakers

Every morning, without fail, I ask my closest smart speaker to play NPR. That's convenient, but it's only slightly better than turning on an old-school radio. Clearly, there's ...

Thu 6 Dec 18 from Engadget

Google wants to use AI to deliver personalized news to your smart speaker

Google has announced that it will bring AI-powered personalized news to its Assistant and smart speakers.

Thu 6 Dec 18 from Techradar

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