Android: Google message to developers is about dark themes

We’re seeing more companies introduce dark mode to their apps these days. There are obvious reasons for dark mode, such as making an app easier on the eyes when using the app at night, and also giving users more options and flexibility in terms of how an app looks like. As it turns out, dark mode is also great for battery life.During the Android Dev Summit, it seems that Google has confirmed that dark mode is better for overall battery life on Android. The company showed off a presentation slide where an app in dark mode and in max brightness draws considerably less power than an app that uses a lot of white in its design.Ironically enough as many have pointed out, Google’s apps tend to be filled with white, although to Google’s credit, apps such as YouTube and Android Messages have gotten the option to enable dark mode, which we suppose is a good start. There have been reports in the past suggesting that Android could get a system-wide dark mode, but for whatever reason Google has constantly delayed such a

Using Android's dark mode improves battery life, Google confirms - CNET

The colors and brightness of your screen play a significant role in battery drain.

Sat 10 Nov 18 from CNET

Using Android's dark mode improves battery life, Google confirms - CNET, Fri 9 Nov 18 from CNET

Google Touts Power-Saving Android Dark Mode After Admitting Mistakes With Material Design

Most smartphone users understand that one of the things that will consume your battery the fastest is having your screen brightness set to maximum. Google recently talked with developers at ...

Fri 9 Nov 18 from HotHardware

Google Suggests Dark UI Mode Could Finally Be Coming to Android

Google focuses more on the interface and user experience of Android more than it ever has in the past. Android Pie is more thoughtfully designed than past versions of the platform, and Google’s ...

Fri 9 Nov 18 from Extremetech

Dark Mode really does save your phone's battery life, says Google

As reported by SlashGear, Google did spend time going over some of the more obvious points, such as the brighter a phone, the more power it will draw.

Fri 9 Nov 18 from Techspot

Google says it was a mistake to push app developers to make all-white interfaces

The company confirms that apps with dark designs use far less power than ones that light up your phone's whole screen.

Fri 9 Nov 18 from Techradar

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