US, UK Warn That Russia Has Been Hacking Routers Worldwide

If there was ever a time to beef up your computer’s security at home, now would be it. This is because if the reports are to be believed, Russia has apparently been hacking routers in homes around the world. This is according to a joint announcement by both the US and UK intelligence agencies.According to the British intelligence, the National Security Council (NSC), the DHS and the FBI, they have accused Russia of trying to compromise routers for the past few months in a bid to hijack the internet’s infrastructure. It has also been suggested that compromised hardware might not only allow hackers to gain access to user information, but it could also be used as a foundation for future attacks.So far the report has warned that the main targets have been ISPs, government departments, big companies, and also firms involved in running “critical infrastructure”. No word on how many devices might have already been compromised or which companies could have already been affected.In a statement made by a spokesperson

US, UK say Russia targets internet hardware for espionage

Washington and London on Monday jointly accused the Russian government of maliciously targeting global internet equipment for political and economic espionage....

Mon 16 Apr 18 from AP

US, UK say Russia targets internet hardware for espionage, Mon 16 Apr 18 from AP

US/UK agencies warn Russian hackers are compromising routers worldwide

British and American intelligence agencies are warning of a potential cyber threat out of Russia.

Mon 16 Apr 18 from Techspot

Russian hackers mass exploit routers in homes, govs, and infrastructure

The hacks steal passwords and clear the way for future attacks, officials warn.

Mon 16 Apr 18 from Arstechnica

US and UK warn that Russia has been hacking routers worldwide

This morning, reports surfaced that UK Prime Minister Theresa May has been briefed on possible incoming Russian-based cyberattack that could lead to the release of compromising information ...

Mon 16 Apr 18 from Engadget

Russia is sponsoring cyberattacks in U.S. homes and businesses, U.S. and U.K. officials warn

U.S., UK cyber officials warned Monday that Russia is sponsoring attacks on computers worldwide for espionage, theft and potential future attacks        

Mon 16 Apr 18 from USA today

US and UK blame Russia for 'malicious' cyber-offensive

Mon 16 Apr 18 from

US, UK warn of Russian hackers targeting millions of routers - CNET

In a joint call between the two governments, officials warn that Russian spies are targeting routers in homes and offices. They're urging people to take security measures.

Mon 16 Apr 18 from CNET


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