Jimmy Kimmel Lays Into Ted Cruz for ‘Stepmom Porn’ Tweet Debacle With Mock Ad

If you live in a US city, you may occasionally visit your local bodega — a type of convenience store that has long resisted the pressure of franchise chains and branding. Bodegas are known as charming local small businesses frequently staffed by adorable cats, providing a variety of minor necessities at semi-reasonable prices. So naturally, there’s a startup that wants to destroy them. The company is literally called “Bodega,” and it’s either the worst-named startup of the year, or one of the greatest Silicon Valley heel gimmicks of all time. Let’s get one thing straight: the Bodega™ “bodega” is an indoor vending machine. As Fast Company describes it, it’s a locked box designed to be placed in apartments, gyms, offices, and dormitories.... Continue reading…

Today it's Ted Cruz, tomorrow it could be you - CNET

Commentary: The Texas senator became the laughing stock of Twitter after his verified account liked a porn post. Maybe we should all simmer down.

Wed 13 Sep 17 from CNET Cutting Edge

Cruz says aide inadvertently caused his porn Twitter post

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sen. Ted Cruz says an aide was responsible for the "like" that caused a pornographic post to briefly appear on Cruz's Twitter feed overnight....

Tue 12 Sep 17 from AP

Ted Cruz 'likes' porn. Or at least his Twitter account does - CNET

Twitter can provide a direct link between a politician and his people. For US Sen. Ted Cruz, though, one message was more pornographic than political.

Tue 12 Sep 17 from CNET

Ted Cruz has been reported to Twitter for liking porn

Um... Ted Cruz, US senator from Texas, and former Republican presidential candidate, has found himself in a very embarrassing situation. His verified Twitter account has liked a sexually ...

Tue 12 Sep 17 from The Verge

Inside Bozoma Saint John’s Plan To Steer Uber Forward

Uber’s new chief brand officer must figure out how to change the troubled company’s narrative. During her three years as head of global consumer marketing for Apple Music, Bozoma ...

Mon 18 Sep 17 from Fastcompany Tech

Eataly’s New Theme Park In Italy Is The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Eataly World will feature more than 40 restaurants, a hydroponic vegetable garden, and cooking classes taught by master chefs. After opening outposts in 31 cities in 12 countries across the ...

Mon 18 Sep 17 from Fastcompany Tech

Classic Netflix Movie Posters, Errol Morris Talks Money: Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Strolling NBA 2K18’s neighborhood, Diesel celebrates fashionable flaws, and the making of one GE engineer. It’s always interesting to hear a very successful person talk about ...

Fri 15 Sep 17 from Fastcompany Tech


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