How James Damore went from Google employee to right-wing Internet hero

Former Google engineer James Damore says he has no regrets after circulating a controversial memo he wrote concerning the tech giant’s diversity policies. Damore was fired on Monday after a tumultuous 72-hours that saw his manifesto go viral online, with the document asserting that the gender gap between men and women in technology was due to biological reasons. “It’s hard to regret it, just because I do believe that I’m trying to make Google and the world in general a better place, by not confining us to our ideological echo chambers where only one side of the story can be heard,” Damore told Bloomberg. “I’m definitely hurt ... It really feels like they’ve betrayed me in some way. The whole point of my memo was to improve Google and... Continue reading…

How James Damore went from Google employee to right-wing Internet hero

The engineer was fired for a controversial memo about diversity and gender.

Sat 12 Aug 17 from The Washington Post

Google CEO to girls: You belong in this industry and we need you

Google on Thursday abruptly canceled a town hall meeting to address the fallout from an anti-diversity memo, but CEO Sundar Pichai made his feelings on the matter known Thursday night at an ...

Fri 11 Aug 17 from

Fired Google engineer files complaint, weighs legal options

A former Google engineer who was fired over a memo he wrote about gender differences says he's exploring all his legal options and has already filed a labor complaint over his treatment.

Tue 8 Aug 17 from

Anti-Google ads appear outside Google offices in response to controversial memo

The ads call out Google's response to a memo that went viral this week lambasting the company's efforts to increase the number of women, African-Americans and Hispanics in technical ...

Fri 11 Aug 17 from USA today

Google cancels all-staff diversity meeting

Some staff were reportedly concerned about being "outed" online if they contributed.

Fri 11 Aug 17 from BBC Technology

Google gears up for all-hands meeting on manifesto flap

Google CEO Sundar Pichai will talk to employees Thursday afternoon about the fallout from a former employee's anti-diversity manifesto.        

Thu 10 Aug 17 from USA today

Fired Google memo writer gives first big interviews to rightwing YouTubers

James Damore, the engineer fired this week for his criticism of diversity, spoke with two YouTube personalities who have espoused anti-feminist views James Damore went from an unknown software ...

Wed 9 Aug 17 from


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