Hackers steal 17 million users' data from Indian restaurant app Zomato

You would think that with more modern technology and security protocols that hacking in this day and age would be harder than it was back in the day. Unfortunately if the spate of hacks weve been hearing about over the past few years is any indication, it doesnt really seem that way. In fact according to the latest reports, Zomato is one of the latest victims.The company has recently confirmed in a blog post that they have been hacked and that 17 million user records from their system have been stolen as a result of the hack. Zomato says that information such as email addresses have been stolen, including the password to your Zomato account. However at the same time, the company states that due to the way they encrypt the passwords using a one-way hashing algorithm, it will be hard for the hackers to convert it into plain text and use it to log into your account.At the same time they do suggest that maybe on the off-chance that they do, you should probably change your passwords anyway just to be safe. They

Hackers steal 17 million users' data from Indian restaurant app Zomato

India's largest restaurant and food delivery app Zomato announced Thursday that the data of 17 million users had been stolen from its database, including names, email addresses and protected ...

Thu 18 May 17 from Phys.org

Restaurant app Zomato hack leaves 17 million users exposed

If you use Zomato to look up restaurants, you may want to check your account: someone has infiltrated its system and got away with 17 million users' IDs, usernames, names, email ...

Fri 19 May 17 from Engadget

Hacker removes 6.6 million Zomato customer passwords from dark web after company agrees to start bug bounty program

Another website has been hacked and had its customers’ information put up for sale on the dark web. But this particular incident was resolved when the hacker agreed to remove the listing ...

Fri 19 May 17 from Techspot

17 million user records stolen from restaurant guide Zomato - CNET

Online restaurant guide Zomato falls victim to hackers, but they have agreed not to leak your details.

Fri 19 May 17 from CNET Cutting Edge

India's Zomato says data from 17 million users stolen

Payment-related information is safe as it was stored separately, global restaurant guide Zomato says.

Thu 18 May 17 from BBC Technology

Zomato's 17 million user records hacked

The company also urged its users to change their passwords just to be on the safe side.

Thu 18 May 17 from The Hindu

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