Facebook's secret mind-reading device 'to be unveiled next month'

Facebook may be getting ready to divulge its innermost technology secrets. Building 8, the company’s famously tight-lipped skunkworks hardware development group, will likely unveil some of their projects at Facebook’s big spring developer event. This theory is thanks to roughly 60 job postings that recently appeared on the B8 website. B8’s

Facebook's secret mind-reading device 'to be unveiled next month'

Mark Zuckerberg last year hinted at a social network that could let people share information telepathically

Mon 20 Mar 17 from The Independent

Mark Zuckerberg might reveal MIND-READING brain implants

Mark Zuckerberg's 'Building 8' team, which is based in Menlo Park in San Francisco, is using Facebook's billions to create experimental technology.

Wed 22 Mar 17 from Daily Mail

Facebook may show off its hardware efforts in April

When Facebook launched its hardware-focused Building 8, it raised all kinds of questions: just what was it making in there, and when would you see the first fruits of its labor? You ...

Sun 19 Mar 17 from Engadget

Brain-scanning tech could be Facebook's next big thing

As could drones and AR devices, all of which may be revealed next month.

Mon 20 Mar 17 from Techradar

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