German watchdog tells parents to destroy Wi-Fi connected doll over surveillance fears (page 2)

A German government watchdog has ordered parents to “destroy” an internet-connected doll for fear it could be used as a surveillance device. According to a report from BBC News, the German Federal Network Agency said the doll (which contains a microphone and speaker) was equivalent to a “concealed transmitting device” and therefore prohibited under German telecom law. The doll in question is “My Friend Cayla,” a toy which has already been the target of consumer complaints in the EU and US. In December last year, privacy advocates said the toy recorded kids’ conversations without proper consent, violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Cayla uses a microphone to listen to questions, sending this audio over Wi-Fi to a third... Continue reading…

Parents told to destroy 'spy' dolls

Researchers say hackers can use an insecure bluetooth device to listen and talk to a child.

Fri 17 Feb 17 from BBC Technology

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