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Walmart dives into voice-activated shopping with Google

Walmart is diving into voice-activated shopping. But unlike online leader Amazon, it's not doing it alone.

3 hours ago from

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DOJ gives up on getting all 1.3M IPs from anti-Trump website

The Department of Justice has given up on getting the IPs of 1.3 million visitors to, a website that helped organize protests of the president's inauguration. it ...

4 hours ago from Engadget

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Google's newest Android operating system gets its official name: Oreo

This is how much Google paid to use the “Oreo” name.

Mon 21 Aug 17 from The Washington Post

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Facebook losing teens to Instagram-Snapchat: forecast

Facebook use in the US will slow as teens and young adults opt for smartphone image-sharing services Instagram and Snapchat, according to an eMarketer forecast released on Tuesday.

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Google to launch 'Her' AI headphones and Chromebook Pixel

Google will unveil a new Pixel Chromebook and a mini version of Google Home at its upcoming hardware event, sources say. It's also reportedly getting ready to launch AI headphones. ...

13 hours ago from Daily Mail

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Medium Will Now Let Users Hide Posts Behind A Paywall

Do you think that you deserve to get paid for the things you write? If you do, then maybe you might want to consider using Medium as your medium (pun intended) for publishing your writing because ...

10 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Delta Testing Out Video Chat With Customer Service Reps

When speaking with customer service, do you prefer chatting with them online via platforms like Facebook Messenger, or do you prefer calling? Or maybe there could be a third option which is ...

10 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Sony Music taps Dubset to monetize samples in remixed songs

It's tough enough for artists to make sure they're paid for every stream of their songs, but what about remixes? There is a system in place from Dubset called the MixBank ...

14 hours ago from Engadget

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WhatsApp gets colourful Facebook-like statuses

WhatsApp has now finished beta testing the features and is rolling them out to all Android and iOS users worldwide by this weekend.

20 hours ago from Daily Mail

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Tencent becomes the exclusive Chinese home of the NFL

The NFL has signed a deal with Tencent that'll see the Chinese giant becoming the exclusive home of the game for the next three years. As well as most pre and regular-season games, ...

18 hours ago from Engadget

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