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Twitter is killing video app Vine

It's a sad day for fans of six-second videos.

17 hours ago from The Washington Post

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WhatsApp asked by European regulators to pause sharing user data with Facebook

Article 29 Working Party pan-EU privacy regulator has serious concerns over WhatsApp data and warns Yahoo over data breach and US authority email scanningWhatsApp has been warned by the pan-European ...

22 minutes ago from

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FCC Derails ISP Customer Data Gravy Train, Requires Explicit Consent For Sharing Sensitive Information

What kind of information do ISP’s collect from their customers and what do they do with that information? The Federal Communications Commission just passed a new rule to protect online user’s ...

17 hours ago from HotHardware

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Google Is Cutting the Cord on Its Fiber Rollout

Cutting jobs and putting expansion plans on ice, Google Fiber looks to be headed for a wireless future.

Wed 26 Oct 16 from MIT Technology Review

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Facebook’s Halloween-Themed Augmented Reality ‘Masks’ Filters Haunt Live Videos

If a major holiday looms, then you can be sure that Facebook has something up its sleeves. With Halloween right around the corner, the company has decided to infuse the reactions we use to ...

18 hours ago from HotHardware

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36-year-old Pennsylvania man gets 18 months for phishing nude celebrity pics

Ryan Collins sent fake e-mails that appeared to be from Apple and Google.

9 hours ago from Arstechnica

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New rules on warrants for online devices divide officials

The Justice Department is citing last week's internet outages caused by widespread cyberattacks to support allowing U.S. agents to search online devices in faraway locations with approval from ...

3 hours ago from

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Broadband privacy rules approved despite industry pushback

Federal regulators have approved new broadband privacy rules that make internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon ask customers' permission before using or sharing much of their data.

21 hours ago from

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Twitter to cut 9% of staff, plots new growth strategy

Twitter announced plans Thursday to cut nine percent of its workforce as the struggling social network reaffirmed its strategy to drive growth after failing to find a buyer.

22 hours ago from

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Rising star: YouTube playing key role in Google's success

YouTube has emerged as a break-out star in Google's cast of services as the online video site upstages cable television for a younger generation of viewers looking for amusement, news and music ...

15 hours ago from

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