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Google offers three months of free streaming music to celebrate Chromecast anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary of Chromecast, Google's uber affordable streaming dongle that allows you to push content from your phone, tablet or notebook to your television. It ...

2 hours ago from Techspot

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Instagram's Bolt Banner Spotted

It goes without saying – wherever success is, you can expect others to follow in your footsteps. Snapchat is not exempt from this particular model either after its meteoric rise, ...

5 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Twitter admits to diversity problem in workforce

(AP)—Twitter acknowledged Wednesday that it has been hiring too many white and Asian men to fill high-paying technology jobs, just like several other major companies in Silicon Valley.

14 hours ago from

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Unconfirmed report says Google has just bought Twitch for $1billion

Follows similar Variety report from May, but still no info on timeline or terms.

12 minutes ago from Arstechnica

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Comixology users can now download DRM-free backups of some comics

Maybe Amazon's purchase of Comixology isn't the worst thing to ever happen after all. Comic book readers on iOS have been fuming over the loss of in-app purchases following the company's ...

1 hours ago from The Verge

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Drone Stuff: Parachutes, Politics, and No-Fly Zones

That drone of yours looks expensive, why not outfit it with a CO2-launched parachute?

8 hours ago from IEEE Spectrum

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EU regulators to Google: "Right to forget" needs to go worldwide

Regulators are hammering out the fine art of being forgotten—at home and abroad.

5 hours ago from Arstechnica

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Report: Facebook and Uber Want You to Call a Ride From Messenger

According to a report from Recode, Mark Zuckerberg met with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to discuss putting an Uber integration within Facebook's Messenger app. Someday soon we could order a car ...

3 hours ago from Gizmodo

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Double Jump From Last Year For Average Time Spent On Facebook

Earlier this morning, we brought you word that Facebook has close to 400 million mobile-only users at the moment, which is a vast increase considering earlier this Q2 2014, the figure ...

7 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Drone Helps To Track Down A Missing Elderly Man

Drones can be pretty useful at times, especially when one needs to capture large swathes of a particular land area, Martha Stewart's farm included. This would also place the drone to ...

5 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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