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France hits Google with 50 million euro data consent fine

France's data watchdog on Monday announced a fine of 50 million euros ($57 million) for US search giant Google, using the EU's strict General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the first ...

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Spotify Is Testing a New Feature That Will Let You Block Music Artists

Spotify is taking personalized playlists to the next level with a new feature: You’ll soon be able to block music artists that you don’t like on the streaming service. This “block ...

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Is anything private in the digital age?

Even your contact list and your musical choices reveal personal information. Natalie Parletta reports.

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Russian watchdog launches 'administrative proceedings' against Facebook, Twitter

Russia's media watchdog Roskomnadzor launched "administrative proceedings" Monday against US social media giants Facebook and Twitter, accusing them of not complying with Russian law, news agencies ...

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Facebook Users Can Now Create, Support Petitions

Facebook is reportedly launching a News Feed petition feature. Under the guise of “Community Actions,” the social network aims to unite users in requesting changes at the local and ...

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How a 57-hour Donkey Kong game struck a blow against online toxicity | Tom Hawking

Harry Brewis raised $340,000 for a UK trans group and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared in a Twitch stream that was an antidote to the worst of gaming cultureOne of the defining features of ...

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Machinima's YouTube gaming channel has effectively disappeared

Machinima's YouTube gaming channel has been essentially scrubbed from the internet, as most videos on the site have been set to private and unplayable. Neither video creators nor ...

9 hours ago from Engadget

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Facebook to expand Ireland operations with 1,000 staff

Facebook will expand its presence in Ireland with an additional 1,000 staff over 2019, the firm announced Monday, bolstering the tech giant's largest base outside of its California headquarters.

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Report: Facebook's privacy lapses may result in record fine

Facebook may be facing the biggest fine ever imposed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for privacy violations involving the personal information of its 2.2 billion users.

Sat 19 Jan 19 from

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