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Instagram down: App not working as users can't load news feed

Instagram has stopped working for many of its users.

7 hours ago from The Independent

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Wikipedia co-founder launches project to fight fake news - CNET

Jimmy Wales' "Wikitribune," will bring journalists and others together to produce fact-checked news stories online.

4 minutes ago from CNET

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Amazon team is researching self-driving tech but no plans for autonomous fleet: report

The online shopping giant increasing has been pushing to own various delivery channels, from drones to ships.        

5 hours ago from USA today

Other sources: USA today, Engadget, Daily Mail, TechCrunch show all (5) » is sorry-not-sorry it sold email data to Uber

When the New York Times revealed that Apple had threatened to drop Uber's app over privacy guideline violations, there was a juicy tidbit tucked inside:'s email ...

4 hours ago from Engadget

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Google automatically translates local reviews when you travel

We all use user-generated reviews to figure out what points of interest are worth checking out. If you're traveling in a country where you don't speak the language, however, ...

5 hours ago from Engadget

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Amazon launches a new digital subscription marketplace

Amazon announced today that it’s launching a new marketplace hub for third party companies to sell subscriptions for digital services. The new service, called “Subscribe with Amazon,” ...

6 hours ago from The Verge

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French presidential candidate targeted by hackers - CNET

Emmanuel Macron's campaign said its staff received phishing emails, meant to steal their passwords.

33 minutes ago from CNET

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LinkedIn membership reaches half a billion

The professional social network LinkedIn said Monday its membership had swelled to 500 million, as its user base showed steady growth following its acquisition last year by Microsoft.

9 hours ago from

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Siri now reads out WhatsApp messages

In the latest global update to the messenger app WhatsApp, users running on iOS 10.3 will be able to receive and compose messages using voice commands (stock image).

9 hours ago from Daily Mail

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After the death of a friend, healing in a human social network

Wounds heal - the cells in a body knit over a cut. When a neuron dies, the brain can rewire itself to make up for the loss. And now, new research suggests, something similar seems to happen ...

9 hours ago from

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