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Facebook suspends 'tens of thousands' of apps in privacy review

Facebook said Friday it suspended "tens of thousands" of apps on its platform as a result of a privacy practices review launched following a scandal involving Cambridge Analytica.

Fri 20 Sep 19 from TechXplore

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YouTube CEO apologizes after verification uproar, softens policy changes - CNET

The Google-owned site said it's tightening verification restrictions, and creators are furious.

Fri 20 Sep 19 from CNET

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Millions said they would 'storm' Area 51 but only 75 party-goers showed up

A call to "storm" the secretive US military base in the Nevada desert known as Area 51 attracts a few dozen revellers to its heavily guarded entrance early Friday, ...

Fri 20 Sep 19 from ABC Science

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Twitter closes thousands of fake news accounts worldwide

Twitter said Friday it has closed down thousands of accounts across the world for spreading fake news as well as pro-government propaganda including in places like the United Arab Emirates, ...

Fri 20 Sep 19 from TechXplore

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Twitter's new 'hide replies' feature helps you moderate responses from trolls

Twitter said “Hide Replies” was built to encourage users to be thoughtful about what they tweet.       

Fri 20 Sep 19 from USA today

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Google Previews New Chrome Browser Features Coming This Fall Including Refreshed Tab View

Google is putting the final touches on a handful of new features headed to its Chrome browser, and today we get a glimpse of a few of them. For power surfers, the most interesting changes are ...

Fri 20 Sep 19 from HotHardware

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Google Celebrates 25 Years of ‘Friends’ With Throwback Easter Eggs

Pivot! Google is celebrating 25 years of 'Friends' with nostalgic Easter eggs. (Photo Credit: NBC Universal / Getty Images) Google is celebrating the ...

Fri 20 Sep 19 from

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TiVo wants to make a comeback with $50 Android TV dongle

In TiVo's heyday the company was synonymous with recording TV shows via your remote control, so you didn't have to rush home to catch "your show" or attempt to record ...

Fri 20 Sep 19 from Engadget

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The Technology 202: Zuckerberg and Trump meeting won’t solve Facebook’s Washington problems

Today, the Facebook chief will huddle with House Democrats.

Fri 20 Sep 19 from The Washington Post

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Instagram is cracking down on questionable weight-loss ads and cosmetic surgery

Instagram doesn't want teens seeing questionable weightloss product ads on its platform, so it's doing something about it.

Fri 20 Sep 19 from TechXplore

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