The Incredibles movies have a weird relationship with technology

This piece contains significant spoilers for The Incredibles and Incredibles 2. Itís been 14 years since Brad Birdís animated superhero movie The Incredibles hit theaters, but the new sequel, The Incredibles 2, is remarkably consistent with the first movie in a number of obvious ways. It picks up at the exact moment where the first movie ends, with the appearance of the villainous Underminer. It follows up on the date plans Violet made with her crush, Tony, and on the fact that no one in the family has seen Jack-Jack use his powers yet. The Incredibles films attach moral superiority to natural powers over technological ones But thereís another, subtler thread running through the two Pixar films. And because it repeats, it seems to point... Continue reading…

Incredibles 2 soars past The Incredibles at global box office - CNET

The superhero family hasn't even opened in many countries yet, and they're already punching out the 2004 original.

Mon 2 Jul 18 from CNET Cutting Edge

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