‘Need for Speed Heat’ isn’t anything like ‘Payback’

Do you feel the need… the need for speed? Ghost Games, an EA Studio, just announced the upcoming release of Need for Speed Heat. The game will reportedly include more customization options and a more immersive narrative. Need for Speed Heat will take place in the fictional city of “Palm City”. Players will race in a competition referred

‘Need for Speed Heat’ isn’t anything like ‘Payback’

The long-running Need for Speed franchise is stuck in a rut. The 2015 reboot, simply titled Need for Speed, was criticized for its cringeworthy live-action cutscenes. Its successor ...

Wed 21 Aug 19 from Engadget

'Need For Speed Heat' is an ode to Miami street racing

You knew EA couldn't go long without another Need for Speed game. Ghost Games and EA have taken the wraps off Need for Speed Heat, an open world arcade racer that "deepens ...

Wed 14 Aug 19 from Engadget

EA's next installment in the NFS series is called Need for Speed Heat

Glance at the rather stern looking driver who seems to be looking for revenge in her striped two-door white racing car (can you make out the model?) in what is one of the thumbnails for the ...

Wed 14 Aug 19 from Techspot

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