With the VCS, Atari Wants to Build a Raspberry Pi for the Living Room

The long-awaited Atari VCS retro console is up for preorder starting today from GameStop, Walmart, and the company directly. It’s still months away from shipping, mind you: Indiegogo backers are scheduled to get it first beginning in December. Retailers won’t be shipping out their units until March 2020 — assuming this timing actually sticks, that is. Atari’s Indiegogo campaign raised over $3 million. The Atari VCS is an oddball machine with retro styling and powerful guts inside. It features an AMD processor and is capable of 4K gaming with support for HDR and 60 fps frame rate, according to the company. It will be offered in several different configurations: Atari VCS 800 “All In”: $389 (includes joystick and controller) Atari VCS... Continue reading…

With the VCS, Atari Wants to Build a Raspberry Pi for the Living Room

The Atari VCS finally has a release date, but it's not clear it has a role to play. 'Raspberry Pi of the living room' is a tough target to hit. The post With the VCS, Atari Wants to Build a ...

Mon 17 Jun 19 from Extremetech

Atari doesn’t want you to call its new VCS a “console”

$250 system is targeting tinkerers, user-generated content, March launch.

Thu 13 Jun 19 from Arstechnica

Atari VCS begins preorders starting at $250

Atari's newest console is now available to order.

Tue 11 Jun 19 from CNN

Preorders for Atari VCS video game console open up this week

The Atari VCS video game console, a reboot of the classic home device, will soon be available for preorder at retailers Gamestop and Walmart.       

Tue 11 Jun 19 from USA today

Pre-orders for Atari's retro VCS console start at $249

If you're tired of hearing about delays and revisions to the Atari VCS and just want to know when you can buy the damned thing as an everyday customer, you're in luck. The ...

Tue 11 Jun 19 from Engadget

The Atari VCS comes to Walmart and GameStop: Price, release date, bundles - CNET

Exclusive: Preorders for the retro-styled set-top box hit Walmart and GameStop, hoping to capitalize on retro gaming while also looking to the future.

Tue 11 Jun 19 from CNET Cutting Edge

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