Microsoft teases HoloLens 2 launch for later this month (page 2)

HP is planning a comfortable, high-resolution headset for Microsoft’s virtual reality (technically, “Windows Mixed Reality”) platform. Road to VR published a preview of the headset, which is codenamed “Copper” and has no official price or release date. It doesn’t look much like other Windows Mixed Reality devices, including HP’s first-generation headset, which launched in 2017. The Copper headset features a resolution of 2160 × 2160 pixels per eye. That doesn’t beat Pimax’s 8K headset or Google and LG’s super high-resolution display prototype, both of which are closer to 4,000 pixels per eye. It’s still a huge jump from first-generation VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, or even from the upgraded Vive Pro, which offers 1440 x... Continue reading…

HP's 'Copper' VR headset will boast extra-sharp displays

HP is working on a new virtual reality headset, which will be a part of Microsoft's Mixed Reality program, according to a report from Road to VR. The headset, codenamed Copper, ...

Wed 6 Feb 19 from Engadget

HoloLens co-creator leaves Apple after three years of AR projects

Avi Bar-Zeev, perhaps best known as a co-creator of Microsoft's HoloLens, has departed Apple in what may prove a setback for Apple's augmented reality ambitions. Before he ...

Mon 4 Feb 19 from Engadget

Hololens 2 teased by Microsoft for pre-MWC 2019 reveal

Sci-fi stylings for the mixed reality successor?

Tue 12 Feb 19 from Techradar

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