Samsung Wants To Put AI In All Of Its Products By 2020

As we’re starting to see more companies turn to the use of AI and including AI-like features and functionality into products, it’s not surprising to hear that Samsung wants to head down that path as well. This was revealed by the company in a report from The Wall Street Journal (via CNET) where the company’s plans have been confirmed.Speaking to the publication, Samsung Consumer Electronics CEO Kim Hyun-suk said that he  expects that AI features to be integrated into all of Samsung’s products by 2020. The CEO also revealed that they are building up a huge team of AI engineers which also includes reassignments for some staff members.What’s interesting is that Kim seems to think that if AI were to be built into all of its products, or at least more products, then the need for smart speakers might be less important. As it stands smart speakers are one of the main ways in which users interact with AI to control other smart objects around our home.We know that Samsung is making an effort with its Bixby platform,

Samsung wants AI features in all its devices by 2020

Samsung hasn't been shy about wanting to spread AI features like Bixby beyond its mobile devices. But how far is it willing to go? Very far, actually. The company's Kim ...

Wed 23 May 18 from Engadget

Here comes Bixby: Samsung to pack AI voice controls into every device it sells by 2020 - CNET

The Korean conglomerate tells the Wall Street Journal that, by 2020, its entire lineup of products will connect to the internet and feature built-in artificial intelligence.

Wed 23 May 18 from CNET

Samsung is opening global AI centers in the UK, Canada and Russia - CNET

The company will have five AI centers by the end of May.

Tue 22 May 18 from CNET

Samsung will debut Bixby 2.0 with the next Galaxy Note

Samsung has been teasing its upgraded Bixby 2.0 assistant for several months now, but when is it actually going to show up in something you can buy? It shouldn't take too much ...

Sat 19 May 18 from Engadget

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specs, Pricing, Release Date And The Rebirth Of Bixby

Samsung's mainline Galaxy series of smartphones is without question one of the strongest selling smartphone brands on the planet, but the company's sub-series, Galaxy Note, is also extremely ...

Sat 19 May 18 from HotHardware

Next Galaxy flagship, likely Note 9, will have a better Bixby - CNET

We'll be hearing Samsung's second version of its voice assistant/AI later this year.

Fri 18 May 18 from CNET

Bixby 2.0 Will Launch With The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

We have been hearing a fair amount of rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but if there is at least one feature of the phone that can be confirmed, it would be that it is expected ...

Thu 17 May 18 from Ubergizmo

Samsung's Bixby assistant now controls your ovens and robo-vacuums, too - CNET

This is part of the plan to help Bixby fight Alexa, Cortana, Siri and Google Assistant.

Thu 17 May 18 from CNET

Samsung's Bixby 2.0 AI Assistant Will Debut Alongside Galaxy Note 9

Digital assistants have become a standard feature of practically every smartphone around these days, and are such a big deal that Samsung created its own version in Bixby. Looking ahead, Samsung ...

Thu 17 May 18 from HotHardware


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